Self-Awareness - The Bridge To Reaching Your Desired Goals

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Life is a series of connections.
Routes that take you from where you are - to where you want to be.
Just as a physical bridge gets you safely over inconveniences on your journey - like a ditch or body of water - the mental and emotional bridges that move you beyond potential pitfalls on your path is self-awareness.
These inner bridges are not built with concrete or steel, but rather with insights, personal virtues, and soul inspirations - qualities derived through self-awareness.
The endurance and resiliency of these self-awareness bridges balance the forces of your inner strengths such as fortitude, courage and wisdom - and the forces of outer perceived tensions such as fear, worry and doubt.
This span of inner consciousness is frequently criss-crossed, traveling between contentment and distress; pulled toward hope and driven back by fear.
In truth, we are each a bridge between heaven and earth.
Each one of us has been assigned a very significant piece of this seemingly invisible link, that brings the formless into form.
Singularly, it is often difficult to assess the significance of your piece of this bridge and its ultimate contribution on a global scale.
And yet, the fact remains, you are the custodian of a specific aspect of this enormous plan.
The ability to access, illuminate, and sustainable grow your piece of this Great Experience is squarely in your own hands.
All true spiritual traditions affirm that you have been given absolutely everything you need to complete this significant mission.
And yet, it seems as though we wander around, quite bewildered, seemingly lost, and without a clue to fulfill our contribution - our piece of this bridge between heaven and earth.
The decisions you make now, the bridges you build from self-awareness, set in motion the influences that design and sustain the rest of your life's experiences.
In many ways, this is the most important time in your life - to build your bridge of self-awareness that will span from your current consciousness to your desired goals.
Self-awareness is the greatest asset in your life.
The only ignorance there is - is not using your innate power by remaining unaware of your inherent gifts.
To this end: Honor the nobility that is an integral part of you.
Live with gratitude and appreciation for the opportunities that have gotten you this far on your journey.
Depend more on your intuitive guidance and less on outside circumstances.
Keep your eyes focused on the brightest and farthest star - knowing that everything that has ever been made visible is the result of the invisible forces at work in your life.
Depend more and more on inner safety and not on outer security.
Keep loyalty to that which is sacred to you.
Stay detached and relaxed as you observe the parade of life passing before you.
Stand unwavering and unshaken in spite of any information to the contrary that may seem threatening.
Never cower to imaginary fears.
Covet your energy, it is the fuel that ignites your visions.
Embrace love, for it is the greatest conquering force in the universe.
Always exercise your free will and vast intuition.
Be calm and use your time wisely (we don't know how much any of us have left).
Your deep intuitive wisdom is the means by which you define your truth.
Love alone acts as the sandpaper over time that refines and smooths out your rough edges.
Concentrate on your innate goodness and remember your Oneness with All That Is.
Self-awareness is the key to fulfilling your desired goals in life.
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