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When it comes to the MBA in Telecom Management, there are very few B schools like the Symbiosis Institute of Telecom Management that are able to live up to the standards of the industry. Blending academic exposure with industry training, SITM has helped thousands of students realize their dreams through it's hard work. Another clear advantage that students studying at SITM get is the expert faculty coming in to teach them. Apart from the learning in the classroom, students are given ample opportunities to practice what they learn in real life in the form of events and festivals hosted on the campus. The interaction with seasoned experts on a regular basis also helps in broadening the learning abilities of the students making them eligible to take up the challenges in the corporate sector.

For all those aspiring to build a career in the domain of telecom management, the degree offered at SITM is the stepping stone to success. Though the admission process consists of several levels, it helps in admitting students that have a genuine interest in the industry.

Here is a brief preview of the five things to be kept in mind when appearing for the admission process at SITM.

Know about the industry

We agree that the MBA is supposed to teach you about the industry but you must have a genuine interest that keeps you updated with the latest development. Start reading about the recent developments, policies, the telecom industry. Knowing about the current issues helps as most of your group discussion issues revolve around these subjects. Also, trying to mug up everything at the last minute is useless. Instead, start well in advance and progress gradually.

Documents should be in order

Nothing irritates the admission panel more than interviewing students whose documents are not in order. The simple reason is that interviews take up most of the time and even in such cases if the documents are not in order, the panel has to waste more time looking for the papers. Avoid this situation and ensure that your documents are in order. This is a simple step that will help in impressing the admission panel to quite an extent.

Be in time

For students coming from outstation, it is important to be in time for the admission process. If you are travelling from far, reach the destination well in advance and try to get some rest before the day begins. You can always invest some amount of time and effort to find out the location of the campus and figure out the feasible mode of transportation on the D day.

Don't bluff

Admission interviews can be quite taxing. However, the stress does not give you the liberty to bluff. If you don't know the answer, just admit the same and move on. Don't try to bluff. People judging you are experts and it wouldn't take them long to figure out the foolishness on your part.

Avoid arguments

Some aspirants are so eager to secure their admission that before they know it, they end up arguing with the experts in the panel. In such situations, keep your calm and strictly avoid arguments even if you don't agree with a point. After all, there are peaceful ways to say what you believe. Moreover, the admission panel could be testing your ability as a manager so better cooperate.
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