I Want to Earn Money on the Internet But Don"t Know How

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Ever get lost in the world of cyberspace looking for something that you know is out there? Then, you ponder this thought: "I Want to Earn Money on the Internet but Don't Know How".
What to do? You run more searches and come up with a boatload of information and after reading for about an hour or two, you go into information overload and serious brain fry.
Ever been there? I know I did and the search that I was performing was How to earn money on the Internet.
I had bought guides, memberships, books, and even thought about hiring a coach to get me through process I needed to become successful but I didn't go that far.
I figured I could do it on my own and was determined to do so.
I first sat down and wrote out a few goals and objectives and then started to put a plan together.
The plan went something like this.
I wrote a goal down on a piece of paper and put it somewhere that I knew I would see it each and every day.
This gave me the motivation and desire to get the job done.
Then I did research on the internet, in the library, and on forums for my particular topic.
Once I gathered up enough information to put my plan into action I knew that I needed to have a system.
It cost me a few bucks per month but it was well worth it.
I knew I needed a niche, a way to promote that niche or market it, I needed a domain name and a web-host for the website, and most importantly I needed an auto-responder to gather names of subscribers looking for me to solve their problems.
I did this in only a few days then success started to roll in.
I knew I wanted to earn money on the internet but didn't know how but I had the desire and dedication, the proper mindset, a system that only took a few days to put together, and a process to work the system, I was able to make money online.
Those are the elements of my success!
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