Top Reason Why Men Disappear - It"s All About Your Eggs in His Basket

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It happens a lot, women meet and interesting man, have some great dates, good connection and then the radio silence.
He stops calling as often and you can feel him distancing from you.
You wonder what you did or what exactly made him disappear.
One of the main reasons why men disappear is about your eggs in his basket.
Have you ever heard the term "don't put all of your eggs in one basket"? In the dating world I associate that with putting all your hopes on one guy.
Often a woman meets a man, she likes him and instantly she stops dating others, she closes all doors to other options.
She thinks this is logical.
The guy is showing interest, calling, taking her out so why shouldn't she give him a chance and give him all of her attention? Slow down sister, if you do this you will soon be asking why he disappeared.
For starters, usually the guy isn't on the same page.
Not in the beginning.
Men aren't in a hurry to jump into a relationship.
If you put all of your eggs in his basket early in the dating game, he is going to be overwhelmed.
He now has to be responsible for all of your eggs.
Wow! That's a lot of responsibility.
Men sense it when you put all your hopes onto them.
It overwhelms a man and you are left wondering why he disappeared.
If you just put all your eggs in his basket, he doesn't have to work to get your eggs.
You just fell into the girlfriend role without him having to put anything into it.
That doesn't make you much of a challenge does it? It's the woman who makes him work to get those eggs that wins his heart, not the woman who just gives them away.
Men really don't like instant relationships.
It takes all the fun out of it.
The thrill of the chase or should I say the Easter Egg Hunt.
Women approach dating differently more times than not.
They are looking for a permanent partner.
Often their biological clock is ticking.
Men don't have this problem.
They approach dating as fun and if the woman excites him, just gives glimpses of her eggs this offers him a challenge, he goes into full pursuit.
If you are truly looking for a life partner, it's best to scatter your eggs.
You can't possibly know if this one man after a few dates even knows how to care for your eggs.
He may leave them in the sun, he may drop them and break them.
Then where are you left? Eggless because you gave them all to him.
Date others, have a life.
Distribute your eggs around so that if one man drops the basket, all won't be lost.
See which man handles your eggs the best.
The man that works for your eggs will be the one to invest hope into.
So many woman hang onto the men that disappear or put all of their eggs in the basket of the wrong man.
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