Team Building For Your Multi Level Marketing Opportunity

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It is time to follow up with your new leads after you have made an initial connection with them.
Your work is not over after making a connection because your leads will not pursue you if you do not follow up with them.
Making the connection may have been a particularly difficult thing for you to do.
If you performed your connecting duties correctly this second call should be a lot easier to do.
In order to make your lead feel comfortable you would have struck up a conversation about something that you both have in common.
Pointing out that the two of you have something in common bridges the differences between you.
At this point you created a relationship.
The prospect has had time to review the information gave him and now your team building efforts can begin again with follow up.
There are several different options for doing this.
This is great because you may get the sense that you need to do different things with different people.
For example, your prospect may have been in front of his computer during your call; you can give him the URL to your website.
If this is the case you can immediately send this prospect to a website where he can immediately learn more information.
All is not lost if the prospect is not at home when you talk to her on the phone; you can send the link to your website to her email address and she can review the material later.
If there is no other option you can send them the information by mail.
The most efficient thing if you are meeting with someone at the local Starbucks, for example, is to take your extra information with you to give him that has your URL on it.
Whatever you choose will be the tactic that makes it easiest for that particular prospect to receive your information.
The prospect is going to need some time to review the material you will send him so you will need to make an appointment to call him at a later date; this is the next step in team building.
Be flexible when you are setting up appointment times.
Remember to make it easy for the prospect to be able to attend your meeting by setting the best time for him.
You want to look as if you are open to this prospect and her schedule.
You can also give your prospect some way to contact you in the event that she cannot attend the appointment you set up.
That is a common courtesy to which they should all be willing to adhere.
The next step is a highly important step in team building.
But suppose that you call the prospect right when you said you would and you get no answer.
The prospect did not call you to tell you it would not be possible to attend the meeting.
What we can deduce from the prospect's absence are two things: There might have been an emergency and the prospect was not able to get to a phone to call you or this is an unreliable person.
There is a chance that there is an explanation for why your prospect missed the call and you should give the prospect a chance to give it to you.
Most likely, your prospect has an answering machine and you can leave a message for another time that you will call the prospect.
You will not want to lose a prospect unnecessarily so you will wait to find out what happened to the prospect and if you will be continuing your team building strategy with this particular person.
Supposing that this prospect truly has an interest in your business he will be there to continue the process.
It is advisable to be patient because you might lose someone who would sign up with you if you gave him or her another chance to do so.
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