An Overview on Neuroscience

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Basically this is a branch of science but recently, this has become an interdisciplinary science which coordinates many other fields like physics, psychology, philosophy and many more.
The range of neuroscience includes the study of many aspects such as molecular, cellular and evolutionary neuroscience and the development of neurons, functions and medicine.
The technology in this field has developed enormously.
Neuroscientists are adapting techniques from cellular studies to individual neuron sensory motor specification of the brain.
In olden days, when people suffer from some psychological illnesses, the doctors simply jump into conclusion that it is related to patients' past history.
But now scientists are aware of the neurons and the ever-growing field of neuroscience.
The PET (Positron Emission Technology) has enhanced this field to analyze psychological disorders of brain activities.
The functional magnetic resonance imaging (FMRI) helps the scientists to learn brain activities in depth visually.
The scientific hypothesis of the nervous system has developed by the increase of the molecular biological studies.
It becomes easier to understand the complex functions of neurons.
A network of neurons produces complex cognitions and behavior which is yet to be analyzed.
Neural science explains the functions and activates of the brain in terms of behavior.
It is amazing to uncover the organization of millions of neurons in the brain.
The nervous system consists of a network of neurons.
Neuroscience can be learned at many different levels like molecular level, cellular level, cognitive level, and system level.
At molecular level, the study addresses to molecular signal and how neurons respond to the signals.
At cellular level, the study addresses to the processing of neurons physiologically and how electrical impulses are transmitted.
At system level, it addresses how neural circuits are formed to produce reflexes, sensory integration, emotional responses, memory and motor coordination.
The cognitive level deals with the questions of psychological functions in the neural circuits.
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