Unleash the Power of Personal Branding by Making an Emotional Connection

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Recently, there has been a lot of talk about the power of personal branding in network marketing. As an internet network marketer, this subject is one that I am extremely passionate about! Over the last number of years, I have personally witnessed the power of many who have introduced a unified branding campaign in the home-business arena with great success. Like me, I hope you are one of them.

There may be some of you out there, right now, who haven't personally branded themselves. Not to worry. I'm here to guide you, and there are some things you may want to consider when you lean toward taking the initiative. Just know, that I'm here to make recommendations and help you every step of the way.
Many have asked, what works best? Try to focus on the promotion of your own personal brand. Others have wondered, why promote yourself? There's power and magic in it, and today I'll share that with you in a big way...

Do you ever notice all the folks out there who focus primarily on promoting their current network marketing company, instead of themselves and their own brand? Given the current state of economy, nothing is certain. So where does that leave you? As an entrepreneur you are able to shift your marketplace identity from that of a commissioned sales rep to an expert and business owner. You may have heard people mention that being a representative for a network marketing company makes you a business owner. However, if the company you represent went out of business, you would be left with no tangible assets or brand equity. In reality, you are only promoting someone else's brand and building the company's database of customers.
Let's turn the tables for a moment, wouldn't you rather build your own brand, and build your own database with people who seek you out? The answer, I believe is quite obvious. So, what's needed to bring about change?

A change in mindset is an absolute must for success. My magnetic attraction blueprint is dedicated to those who are looking for things in their life and in their business to change. When you put the puzzle together piece by piece, you will find that this life changing resource provides the final piece of the puzzle. I love sharing this information with you because it's absolutely mind blowing, and the solution lies in your ability to market yourself successfully! But wait, there's more...

The concept of personal branding allows you to insulate yourself from harm. It's a fact that some network marketing companies have gone out of business, while others have suffered from bad publicity. Some have even gone as far as terminating their association with you if you are not performing to their standards.

So, where does this leave you? With a wonderful alternative, that's where! You can start to build your own personal brand. You will only attract people who want to do business with you because of the identity you have created for yourself in the marketplace. Sounds like a perfect solution, don't you think?

When you personally brand yourself, it affords you the opportunity to build your own database of contacts. That way, you will be able to market additional products and services to on an ongoing basis to your preferred clients and prospects. The power of generating customers that are loyal to your brand cannot be overstated. How you accomplish this is based on your ability to make an emotional connection with them. The emotional connection to customers must become a much deeper experience of interaction and relationship formation.

The concept of Personal Branding in Network Marketing is critical to your business. Here are 5 steps that'll help you successfully create and build your personal brand. Are you ready to change your life? Thought so...

1. Create a unique identity. The key to being successful is to develop your own personal 'value' to the market place. Top earners in this industry are those that acquire a following because of the value they offer to their target audience.

Example: "self-made millionaire mom"

2. Create a personally-branded URL.

Example: "self-mademillionairemom dot com"

3. Create a personally branded headline for your lead capture page.

Example: "Discover How a Mother of 4 Quit Her Job Without Notice to become a Self-made Internet Millionaire by using this Little Known Secret"

4. Create a personal "my story" page on your site. This allows prospects to get to know you, and how knowing you can be beneficial to them. You can send prospects to a lead capture page, this is a good place to be directed to after they've opted in for more information.

5. Create a personally-branded e-mail address. [yourfirstname@yourname dot com] and you can also create a custom signature building upon your unique identity.
Example: Janice Smith - "Self-made Millionaire Mom" - How I went from working 2 jobs to becoming the CEO of Self-mademillionairemom dot com
There are other ways to build your personal brand by incorporating it into your own blog and promoting it on social media sites such as Twitter, You Tube and Facebook.

Making an emotional connection is all about the experience that envelops the customer in a world that touches their lives. So, go ahead, I know you can do it!

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