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Can a Bear Teach Geography?

I recently purchased my kids some of those "create your own bear" kits. I didn't do the mall thing because personally I hate taking the kids to the mall because it's worse than taking them to the grocery store!

Live-In Relationships And Pre-Marriage Sex

The recent remarks of the Supreme Court of India, on live-in relationships and pre-marriage sex, have raised many eyebrows. Like most people of my generation, I too was initially shocked. However, gre

Why Allowance For Kids Is Important

Allowance for kids is important because it is the only way to truly learn how to manage money as a child. The younger children are started and able to understand the concept, the better. Many times parent will discuss the topic and give some good advice but that is not the same as having to spend yo

Fun Routines to Get Ready For School

Looking for ideas to get your child ready for school? It seems that some kids are more ready than others. But even those who are confident and prepared can find the transition from preschool to primary school tricky and challenging.

When Is It Recommended to Get a Tutor For a Child?

Parents who are thinking about getting a tutor for their child should make sure that they have concrete evidence that their child needs assistance. There are four ways to see when a tutor is needed to help one's child.

Get Your Kids Moving With Toy Nerf Guns

The fun that can be had by infusing Nerf guns with every day games should never be underestimated. In many households these colorful toys of possibility are often unwrapped as gifts and then fired of for a few days with glee. Before they are lost forever at the bottom of the toy chest however, peopl

Help, It's Time to Get My Toddler Out of the Crib!

It's time to get your toddler out of the crib. Transitioning your toddler from the crib to a toddler bed can be a daunting task if you let it be. So how can this childhood milestone be accomplished without trauma to parents OR the toddler?

Girls Just Want to Have Fun

The easiest way to connect with your daughter is by sharing a positive experience, where you both enjoy each other. Sharing a frivolous fun experience, even if it's playing with your dog for 30 minutes, is just plain healthy.

Perfect Flying With Kids In 9 Steps!

You don't have to be a frequent flyer to travel with children successfully! With these quick tips and strategic plans of action you can make any trip with kids a manageable and fun one.

High Anxiety

My third grade daughter is "testing" this week. This means that she is taking our state's comprehensive assessment exam.

Triggers of Depression in Children

What makes someone depressed is usually specific to the individual. It's never clear what will set someone off but it's important to know the warning signs and when it might be a serious problem. Adults that suffer from depression experience a variety of negative feelings, including sadnes

Tired of the Same Old Story: 7 Key Elements to Help You Live Your BIG Story

Are you tired of the same old story? What does this mean? It means you are tired of having your life repeat the same 'story' over and over again. You feel trapped in a story you don't even want. It feels like everyone else is in charge of the story but you. This is not the story you d

Tips for Purchasing Childrenswear

Parents today are very busy working, raising their children and being a chauffeur. Is it any wonder that finding time to purchase childrenswear is an increasing challenge? You should know that it doesn't have to be, and this is because of the wonderful world of internet shopping.

Teen Jobs

Teens want jobs?....for what? Teens apparently want money to buy stuff their parents won't get for them. Online jobs seem to be the new trend.

Girls History Costumes

If you've been invited to a historical themed party, that's great! They are incredibly fun, and filled to the brim with different cultures and time periods that create an amazing atmosphere that must be experienced to be believed. You're probably wondering what outfit you should dress

What Is It About Teenage Girls That Makes Them So Difficult?

Ah the teenage years. They creep up on parents out of nowhere, and explode with a hard slap of reality in the face, usually in the form of moody behavior, snide comments, and flurries of rolled eyes. Children who once worshiped and idolized their parents suddenly recoil at the thought spending time

Little Tikes Toys - Timeless Toys That Last More Than a Lifetime

Little Tikes toys are what I consider timeless; they have no end. They are created and designed to last a lifetime, or even longer. Every Little Tikes toy is made out of extremely strong and heavy duty materials and plastics. They are very durable, sturdy, and many are even weather proof.