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How Do I Add Songs to My iPod Without Losing the Ones I Have?

Apple's iTunes makes it easy to add or remove songs from your iPod. This is achieved through automatic syncing. When you connect your iPod to your computer, your iPod music library is automatically synchronized with your iTunes' library. However, this can pose a problem if a song on your iPod is no

How to Move Smart Playlists to an iPod

ITunes automatically generates Smart Playlists based on criteria like types of music, song ratings, artist and other data. ITunes stores your Smart Playlists folder icons above regular playlists icons in the left sidebar of the program window. Smart Playlists folders are denoted by a small gear-sha

How to Close an App on a Nano

The sixth-generation iPod Nano is shipped with a variety of pre-installed apps that let users access the device's various functions at the touch of a button. There is a Fitness app for tracking running or walking workouts, a Playlist app that lets users scroll through playlists that are loaded to th

How to Fix the Brightness on an iPod Touch

Originally released in September 2007, the iPod Touch features a touch screen with adjustable settings. Aside from being a personal audio device, you can also download a number of applications to your iPod Touch including games, e-book readers and instant messaging programs. Depending on where you a

NCCN Guidelines on iPhone Applications

The National Comprehensive Cancer Network, or NCCN, produce documentation for medical clinicians under the title of NCCN Clinical Practice Guidelines in Oncology. These documents, sometimes called the NCCN Guidelines, are updated on a regular basis and treatment information on 36 different types of

How to Jailbreak My iTouch

While iTouches are powerful devices, Apple has limited their software and firmware. If you are interested in unlocking your device's potential as well as being able to install third-party applications not approved by the official Apple App Store, then jailbreaking your iTouch might be a good idea. T

How to Put My iTunes Music on My Verizon Phone

Verizon Wireless is one of the nation's largest providers of cellular phones. Many of the phones even possess the ability to play MP3 music. If you use iTunes on your computer, you most likely have the majority of your music stored and played through the media player. Although you cannot directly sy

How to Get Rid of Programs on Your iPhone

Not all iPhone apps are created equal. You may go through several of the same types of apps before you find the one that suits your purposes. When an app is no longer needed it should be deleted. Instead of keeping old or unused applications on your iPhone to waste space, you can get rid of programs

Kensington Reversible Sleeve iPad Case Review

As a general rule, multi-purpose cases usually get lower marks from me than cases designed to protect a single product or product line. But, when it comes to Kensington's Reversible Sleeve for iPad case, the features are solid and the price so low that a good review is justified.

How to Transfer iPhone Bookmarks to a PC

Like its desktop counterpart, the Safari for iPhone app offers useful features like history recall, search suggestions and easy website navigation tools. The Safari for iPhone app also allows you to save bookmarks of your favorite websites. With the help of iTunes, you can then transfer your Safari

How to Sync My iPod Calendar With Outlook

Whereas iTunes does not require authorized access to synchronize calendar data from the iCal application to your iPod, Outlook restricts unauthorized access from outside programs. If you wish to transfer your Outlook calendars to the iPod, the iTunes program must be properly configured with your com

My Apps Won't Work on My iPod Touch

Apple iPod touch devices support a vast array of applications and games. Users can download these applications through the iTunes software on the computer or directly on the device when connected to WiFi. However, these applications sometimes malfunction, refuse to load or do not sync properly. Owne

How Can You Put Movies on Your iPod?

The iPod Touch, Classic and Nano are all capable of playing digital video files, and the only way to get movies onto these devices is through the iTunes program. When setting up your syncing options in iTunes, you can choose exactly which movie files you want to put onto your iPod's hard drive. Keep

How to Get WTV to an iPod

Windows Recorded TV Files, also known as WTV files, can be used for a number of different purposes and can be added to personal devices like your iPod. While their original format might not be compatible with your device, you can convert them in iTunes. You can complete this conversion from the iTun

How to Upload a Video to Facebook From the Palm Pre

The HP/Palm Pre smart phone includes a 1.3-megapixel camera capable of recording digital video in the widely used H.264 format. Users with their Facebook account synced to the device can also upload video clips to their profile. This feature is great for sharing your HP/Palm Pre videos with your fri

How to Find a Twitter App for iPhone

With so many Twitter apps available for iPhone and iPod Touch, how do you find the perfect one for you? I've narrowed your search down to the most popular and feature-rich choices. Some are free; some will cost you a small amount. iPhone and iPod Touch apps are available in the iTunes App Store.

How to Manually Manage your iPod Touch

Apple sets the iPod Touch to automatic mode by default. In automatic mode, iTunes automatically adds new content to your iPod, and removes content deleted in iTunes whenever you connect it to your computer. You can also manually manage your iPod Touch, which is useful if you have more iTunes content