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How to treat arthritis in men

Arthritis is a common condition many men will have to cope with, especially as they become older. There are different types of arthritis, with a multitude of causes, but treatment and management options are available. With proper diagnosis and understanding of the condition, you can relieve arthriti

What is Rheumatoid Arthritis? Getting The Facts

Knowing what rheumatoid arthritis is proves to be beneficial to people who are suffering from its symptoms. Rheumatoid arthritis is a disease that affects a person's immune system and eventually causes them severe chronic pains.

What Are Researchers Learning About Fibromyalgia?

Research improves understanding of fibromyalgia. Research of fibromyalgia covers a broad spectrum. Because fibromyalgia appears to run in families, researchers are working to identify whether a gene or genes predispose people to the condition.

Chuchuhuasi and Iporuru

There are different kinds of treatment for arthritis in the field of medicine, but the traditional herb treatment is found to be very effective and fruitful for curing the disease. People have tried Chuchuhusai herbs and Iporuru herbs to treat the disease and have received phenomenal results in a ve

Osteoarthritis: Living & Managing

Living with osteoarthritis just got easier: Here are tips on assistive devices, exercises for osteoarthritis, natural pain treatment, personal stories, and more.

Arthroplasty - Surgical Treatment for Advanced Arthritis

An arthroplasty is a surgical procedure that partially or completely resurfaces, remodels, or replaces a joint severely damaged by arthritis. Usually, arthroplasty is only considered when conservative treatment options have failed.

Most Arthritis Patients Have Tried Alternative Therapies

Of the 43 million Americans suffering from arthritis, two-thirds have tried alternative therapies, according to the Arthritis Foundation. To avoid adverse reactions with prescription drugs, rheumatologists say they need to know when patients are taking vitamins, herbs, or dietary supplements.

Breakthrough Treatment for Arthritis

People suffering with arthritis of all kinds understand the pain and frustration of having the disease interfere with the tasks of everyday life. Thankfully, there are breakthrough treatments for arthritis that are giving sufferers hope.

The Association of Gout and Foods High in Purines

Gout is a painful form of arthritis, and foods high in Purines can be a factor in causing the condition. Gout is caused by having an excess of uric acid, especially in the region of the toe joints on the feet. Eating a diet containing foods high in Purines has been proven to make the condition appea

Celebrex Vs. Mobic

Celebrex is a brand name for the prescription medication celecoxib, while Mobic is a form of meloxicam. Despite the fact that both Celebrex and Mobic are non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medications, there are differences between how these two drugs are used to treat patients.

Methotrexate Still Best for Juvenile RA

Methotrexate still appears to be best for treating juvenile rheumatoid arthritis, but a newer medication, Arava, is a very good second choice.

Are Natural Remedies For Arthritis Bogus, Or Do They Really Work?

As an arthritis sufferer, you've probably done a lot of research on natural remedies for arthritis...and you've probably been feeling a little overwhelmed by all the claims out there. Well, I have good news - there are proven natural remedies that can help ease your pain and give you the r

Natural Relief From the Pain of Arthritis

There is so much information in the internet about natural arthritis pain relief. But, like anything else, one must always be aware in what is read and ensure to look at any types of claims or hype in regards to the "newest wonder pill" to hit the market. In this information, we will take