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How to Make an Origami Wine Carrier

Furoshiki is the Japanese art of cloth folding. A large piece of decorative cloth can be folded many ways to carry almost any item imaginable. The manner of folding the cloth is as much an art as paper origami. Furoshiki can be used instead of wrapping paper to give wine bottles as presents or use

How to Do Eyeshadow Highlighting on the Brow

Eyeshadow looks good even if just a little is swiped across the eyelids, but using multiple shades at once can give the eyes a deeper, more multidimensional look. Highlighting certain areas of the eye, including the brow area, can create a soft, glamorous look for the eyes. Using the correct tools a

Dinosaur Crafts for Pre-K

Pre-kindergarten children can have fun making dinosaur crafts while learning about archeology and prehistoric animals. Gands-on activities can be used to explain the process of fossilization, extinction and the history of the planet Earth. From digging for fossils to creating a new species of dinosa

Clothes Designing at Home

Many fashion designers work from home or started out working from home, but designing clothing can also be a hobby. Patterns are available at crafts stores, though selection can be limited. Designing custom clothing is a creative process with technical guidelines. If you want to design clothing at h

How to Make a Pictorial Applique Quilt of Your Town

This type of quilt is unique and very personal. A good time to begin working on one is about 1 year before your town has a bicentennial or other major event. Usually, communities come together in social groups to work on the blocks that will make up a pictorial history of your region or town. The re

Threading Instructions for the Sew Easy Sewing Machine

When you are learning to use a new sewing machine, all of the gears can become confusing and prevent you from wanting to try using the machine. However, there are many sewing machines that are designed to be intuitive for new users, such as the Sew Easy sewing machine. You can thread the Sew Easy ma

Instructions for How to Tie-Dye

Tie-dye is a method for decorating fabrics that has been around for centuries. The process became popularized during the 1970s as people began to wear clothing in bright colors and funky patterns. Tie-dye is an inexpensive way to add a personal touch to fabrics. While T-shirts are the most commonly

How to Upload From Kodak Cameras

Digital cameras have made the lives of amateur photographers much easier. There's no more guessing as to whether or not your pictures turned out, because of the instant gratification offered by digital cameras and the ability to view your photos right away on the camera's LCD screens. Those pictures

How to Make a Blimp out of Paper & a Balloon

Creating blimps out of balloons gives children an opportunity to learn about buoyancy and approaches to flight don't depend on thrust to maintain altitude. By using helium balloons, kids can experiment with putting paper clips into the cabins of their blimps to see how many it takes for the blimp to

How to Tie a Slipknot for Bracelets

Jewelry makers have used slipknots instead of clasps since ancient times. These knots range from simple to complex and give your bracelet a natural, native look. By definition, a slipknot is a knot that will slide, or "slip," up and down the cord, rope or string it is tied around. It is often used t

How to Crochet a Breast Cancer Ribbon on Doilies

The Pink Ribbon campaign to combat breast cancer can be artistically created in just about any medium, including crochet. A doily made in a filet crochet pattern, which simply creates a pattern of open mesh and closed mesh to create a design in the doily, can be adapted to include a pink ribbon. To

How to Make Ceramics Shiny at Home

Ceramic materials have been produced since around 4700 B.C., originating in ancient Egypt. It is no wonder that they have remained in use for so long; they're durable, beautiful and easy to care for. If ceramics are neglected, they can lose their luster and appeal. With regular maintenance and care,

The Best Way to Mix Urethane Resins

Urethane resin is a popular casting material poured into molds of all sizes to create exact replicas of molded objects. Before pouring, however, you must mix the two components of the material according to exact mixing ratios. Any mistakes in the mixing process will weaken the resin, causing the fin

Plants in the Hindu Kush Mountains

The Hindu Kush are one of the major sub-ranges of the greatest mountain system on Earth, the Himalaya. Stretching about 500 miles from northern Pakistan to central Afghanistan, these lofty, rugged peaks owe their existence, like the rest of the Himalayan chain, to the collision of the Indian and Eur

How to Make Name Tags for a Fancy Party

If you are hosting a fancy dinner party and inviting a mix of friends and family members, create customized name tags as a way of introducing guests to each other. Making name tags is an ideal way to encourage guests who may not know each other to mix, mingle and strike up conversations. Design eleg

How to Knit a Chevron & a Feather Stitch

Chevrons and feathers are among the many patterns that can be created with knitting. Chevrons, which look like V’s, are particularly favored for men and boys’ garments as well as tailored women’s jackets and sweaters. Feather patterns are generally found on throws, blankets, baby i

How to Clean the Motor on a Singer 201 Machine

A Singer 201 is a vintage sewing machine introduced in the mid-1930s. The machine features a cast iron body, straight stitch with adjustable stitch length, drop-in bobbin and a built-on light. This machine is still a favorite with tailors, seamstresses and dressmakers due to its quality and durabili

How to Customize Tutus

Tutus are so simple in their traditional form that they are perfect canvases for customization. Whether they are for a themed ballet recital, costume, princess party or dress-up, tutus can be embellished many ways. Tutus are tulle, which is a transparent and delicate fabric, so any embellishment wil