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Ben Pakulski: The Origins of the IM40 and NOS Creator

It is said that true desire and ambition if matched with hard work can't be topped by any number of obstacles. For Ben Pakulski, his entire life has been a living proof of this statement. This two time runner up in the IFBB North American Championship in the super heavyweight category embodies

Building Muscle Mass Tips and Secrets

Building muscles mass is an easy task to achieve as long as you are armed with the correct information and knowledge. Building mass faster, which you thought is impossible, is never far from reality.

The Top Five Bodybuilding Supplements Today

There are uncounted bodybuilding supplements are present in the market, and you need to know which are the best and safe to use. For this you can do a little online research and make a list of your top five.

Is Creatine the Real Deal Or a Bunch of Hot Air?

More than ten years have passed, but I still have the memories of the actual first time I tried it. Lots of magazines and advertisements said that you would get large muscle gains by using it and that was something I had been hoping for. Several of my friends also thought the idea of using it was a

A Workout Routine For Muscle Growth

How to build muscle. Here is a great workout routine to build muscle. Also, some suggestions about weight lifting you may not have known.

What Are the Best Muscle Building Workouts to Build Huge Lean Muscles Fast?

Muscle building workouts are specially designed for a particular individual in order to effectively help them in achieving their goals of a great muscle and body. Workouts have the same exercises but each person has her or his personal exclusive routine for repetitions and weight. The repetitions an

Welcome Back Everyone!

Ah summer time, it's one of my favorite seasons and it has everything to do with free time, sun and surf.

Anabolic Cooking - Know the Benefits for Body Builders

Anabolic cooking is a diet nutrition plan especially made for people who are body building enthusiasts. Every serious body builders and fitness fanatics know very well that good diet and nutrition plays a big role in building great muscles. Even if you are doing rigorous fitness training and taking

Get Six Pack Abs With Hard Work and Determination

Most every one has seen a ripped set of six pack abs and wished they could have one. Hard work and determination are ways to get six pack abs. Strengthening the core muscles and burning off body fat is necessary to ripped abs.

4 Hacks to a "V" Shaped Back

Have you wonder how people get that wonderful massive back? To enhance the appearance of your whole physique, one would definitely need a well developed back.

Exercises Using a Barbell

Want to know how to use cable rows, barbell rows, dumbbell rows and iso-lateral rows to your best advantage in molding your upper body muscles? Read on.

Do You Need to Gain Weight?

When we read something about weight, 95% of the time the article is going to be about weight loss.There is so much information about weight loss, it is easy to forget that there are some people who want to gain weight.There are a large number of so called skinny people out there who would love to&qu

Muscle Building Techniques - The Best Techniques for Muscle Building

Muscle building techniques are the keys to your success in achieving your goal to have a masculine body full of chunks of muscles bulging all around your waist, chest, legs, shoulders, back, and arms. Hence, you need to develop your own techniques by learning the most effective methods and strategie

Low Carb Diet Or Low Fat Diet - The Low Down on Six Pack Diets

Are you confused about what sort of diet you will need for the perfect six pack? We get bombarded with various techniques to use. Read on to learn why a low carb diet will actually stunt your chances of getting a six pack and why a low fat is your enemy as well.

Discover the Simple Way How to Add Muscle Mass

In search for the most credible information on how to add muscle mass, you would eventually come across with plenty of claims and programs that entices you the fastest way to achieve results. This is expected because the present society that we live has become too particular with maintaining a well-