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Capital Secures Wider Scope For Government Jobs

Delhi, one of the biggest metropolitan cities in India is enclosed with unlimited opportunities for aspirants. Several top-notch companies and universities happen to take place in the city that increases the possibility of number of jobs in Delhi.

How to Become a Sports Medicine Specialist

A sports medicine specialist usually refers to a doctor who works with athletes. Some work privately for a specific team, while others handle surgical procedures or rehabilitation after an injury. Those working in this field have completed a residency and fellowship to gain as much experience as pos

OCD Forum - How to Ace a Job Interview

Have you ever applied to a job that a hundred other people were applying for? Well if you have you know that competition for that job can be fierce. So how to do stand out among all the other resumes so you can get the interview?

Job Transition Points And Advice

If you deem that the time has come to change your job, it is significant to go onward with dedication and a clear vision.

Career Planner

A good plan, violently executed now, is better than a perfect plan next week - George S. Patton (1885 - 1945)

Army Special Forces Medic Training

The U.S. Army Special Forces Medics are an elite group of men who endure rigorous training to take care of wounded soldiers. The guidelines and standards presented to them have to be followed because there is no room for mistakes. These medical professionals spend much of their time in the line of f

Things You Have to Know About When Trying to Become a Chef

Chefs work up a sweat in the kitchen, whipping up culinary creations to tempt the taste buds of diners. To be effective chefs, these culinary experts must have an assortment of tools in their bags. If you plan to seek out a career in the world of food, build your knowledge prior to entering the prof

What Is the Beginning Salary for a Flight Attendant?

The beginning salary you earn as a flight attendant is determined by factors such as the number of flight hours you log and the airline you’re employed with. You can also receive perks like free travel and lodging benefits. If you enjoy meeting and serving people and visiting different cities,

Federal & State Laws Governing HR Policies

Federal and state laws that govern human-resources policy were created to protect employees. These laws also protect potential employees from discrimination, and help secure retirees' pension checks. Federal laws govern hiring practices and medical leave for established employees. According to the U

Basic requirements for Sales jobs in India

Sales jobs are considered as one of the best jobs when these are taken up by the professionals. The reason is that these jobs are very demanding and need ultimate professionalism.

How to Post Payroll

To streamline payroll with accounting, the accounting/payroll representative posts payroll transactions for each pay period into a journal. The process of posting these transactions is known as making a payroll journal entry. When you post the payroll, you list wages and salaries paid to employees a

Common Job Seeker Mistakes

There are many common mistakes that people make when searching for a new job. Read on and learn how they can be avoided…

Dealing With The Risks Of Job Change

I don't find it strange anymore to hear people complain about their jobs. What puzzles me is the fact that they are not doing anything about it. All they do is whine about how boring and unfulfilling their jobs are. But when I try to look at the whole process of changing jobs from the employee&

The Average Salary of Director of Academic Affairs

The director of academic affairs at a college or university oversees the advisory needs related to students' academic progress. At many universities, the director of academic affairs communicates with the dean of the department about academic goals, academic plan implementation and student progress.