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Zero Percent Balance Transfer - Can Be Wise If Used Right

A zero percent balance transfer offer can be a used to the advantage of the consumer if handled properly. This is not what the credit card companies are hoping for. The zero percent balance transfer offer is intended to make it convenient for a consumer to consolidate their debt into one place. This

How Can I Guarantee I Will Qualify For a Credit Card?

Putting money up for collateral will virtually guarantee that you will be approved for a full-featured MasterCard or Visa credit card. The presence of the collateral makes the card a secured credit card. The collateral secures the card, eliminating risk for the lender. Because of that, the approval

Bankruptcy and Your Credit Report

Bankruptcy is a situation most people dread to find themselves in although a majority of people out there are finding themselves in the mess of financial woes. The increase in cases of bankrupt individuals and ...

Pennsylvania Statute of Limitations on Credit Card Debt

When you apply for a credit card, by signing the application, you enter into a written contract with the credit card company. If you fail to make payments on the credit card balance you accrue, then the credit card company or the collector it hires has a right to pursue legal action against you for

Use Your Business Credit Card to Protect Your Cash Flow

Much has been written about the benefits of owning a business credit card, and the focus always seems to fall on the seemingly endless lists of offers and promotions that companies that use cards can qualify for. However, for many businesses, the availability of credit is a vital tool in managing fi

Your Credit Score - Improve it Now

It's not necessary to be worried by how to improve your credit score. Please read the article to find out about the important facts.

Credit Card Processing - Understanding Some of the Terms Used

Understanding the basics and some of the terms used when talking about accepting credit cards in your business is important to making educated decisions about a Merchant Service Provider.It is a complicated industry and you're at a disadvantage if you don't educate yourself.

How to prevent the cancellation of your credit card?

There are a lot of people who put off using their credit cards for the purpose of having something to use in the unlikely event of emergencies. However, some people who found the need to use their cre

how to get an actual free credit report?

If you want to check your credit score, do not fall prey to the annualcreditreport scam. Most of the companies that claim to offer an absolutely free annual credit report actually offer a so called ...

Loans: Helping or Hurting Your Credit

All around the world, there are many individuals who are worried about their credit. In the past, a persons credit only use to be taken into consideration when trying to obtain financing, but things have since changed.

Do Prepaid Cards Report to Credit Bureaus?

Are you wondering if having a prepaid card will improve your credit rating? Find out how some prepaid cards have a feature that can help you improve your credit history. The iAdvance Line of Credit from MetaBank.

How to Rebuild Your Credit in Toronto

Rebuild your credit in Toronto by making a commitment to pay your bills on time while judiciously adding new lines of credit. Also seek guidance from nonprofit credit counselors in Toronto including Credit Canada or InCharge Canada. Even with counseling your credit won't rebound overnight, but you c

What is a Good Credit Score? Anything Over 700 is a Good Credit Score

It is quiet understandable that the solvency of a person may possibly be ascertained only by the figures added by him against his name, in this era of numbers game. The proposal of a prospective loan-seeker is bound to be turned down, if he is yet to achieve a basic respectable count of 700. The tot

Using Debt Management To Avoid Bad Credit

Being buried under debt is a serious problem. Nevertheless, it is not a dead-end situation. Before your debt problem gets worse or out of control, here are valuable tips on the steps you should do if you have bad credit.Seek counseling. For some people, their debt problems are caused by uncontrolled

What If the Credit Bureau Confirms That the Negative Information is Correct?

You have sent a dispute letter to the credit bureau requesting them to delete negative information on your credit report because it is "not yours." If, however, the credit bureau is able to investigate the account within 30 days and confirms that the negative account is correct, you should

Legal Credit Repair

How often have you heard this tale? A couple stashes away every space cent for years, then decide to plunk down a large chunk of cash and purchase their first new home. They spend weeks ...

The Growing Risks of Identity Theft

The news broke in 2008 that higher than 10,000,000 in America alone become victims of identity thieves [] annually, and that figure is on the rise. identity theft [] is in truth the speediest growing ...