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The FDI Boom in India

In This article i look into the FDI Scene in India with the coming of the globalization era and try to do a comparative analysis of the FDI Scene between India and China and where India needs to improve upon if she has to overtake China in near future in relation to FDI Investment.

The Impact of EU Plans to Regulate Hedge Funds and Private Equity Firms

The EU reviewed the role of hedge funds and private equity in the financial crisis and drew some lessons regarding the need for EU level regulation of these fund types. The financial crisis had revealed that hedge funds could impact financial stability in ways that had not previously been expected.

How to Fix Bad Mortgage Securities - Assume the Bubble Has Not Burst

Giving a blood transfusion to a dying economic patient, jump starting the dead battery of the economy, and providing a federal backstop to prevent wild financial baseballs from injuring spectators have all had one goal so far: propping up housing prices. This is also known as stabilizing the housing