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How to File an Extension of New York State Taxes

Like federal taxes, New York state taxes are due on April 15th of every year. If you cannot finish your tax return by that date, you can apply for an automatic extension for filing your tax return. New York grants a free six-month extension to any taxpayer who files for an extension on or before the

How to Pay Sales Tax to the State of California

The use of the Sales Tax in the State of California is an essential revenue stream for the state as Sales Tax profit accounts for nearly 50 percent of the money the State of California earns every fiscal year. As with being the most populated state in America, California has a consumer base of nearl

Deducting Miles Driven on Behalf of a Charity

How much may a taxpayer deduct for miles driven on behalf of a charity?Do exceptions and limitations apply in some circumstances?Is a higher than normal deduction allowed in some cases?How does the tax law treat parking fees and tolls paid on behalf of a charity?If you drive your automobile on behal

How to Show 401k Losses on My Taxes

The IRS treats the tax deduction for 401k losses as a miscellaneous deduction, meaning you must itemize your deductions using Schedule A to claim the deduction. But only in specific circumstances can you claim a loss on your 401k on your taxes: You must close your 401k, and your tax basis for the ac

A House Bill That Seeks to Remove Tax Credits for Abortion

In May 2011, The House passed a bill that would remove government tax breaks for any medical expense related to abortion. The bill that was passed with a vote of 251 to 175 had all the Republicans and 16 of the Democrats rallying behind it. The bill suggested among other things the remove all tax cr

Tax Implications of ETFs

Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) are investment funds that hold different commodities, stocks, or bonds unified under a common factor. There are various ETFs that hold different stocks or commodities. However, the funds hold a particular unified commodity or stock such as stocks on the Dow Jones index o

California Tax Consultants

Tax credits are greatly beneficial to investors who establish their businesses within the California Enterprise Zones. The tax incentives allow businesses to grow and thrive while under the administration of the Enterprise Zone program.

What Is Lossless Compression?

Understanding lossless compression requires a broader understanding of the general process. Compression is a process used to reduce the storage space required for digital information. The compression algorithms used to reduce space requirements can be broken into two groups: Lossless and lossy. Ther

Process for Filing Early Income Tax Returns

Taxes are inevitable. In the United States, the income tax filing deadline is typically April 15, though the Internal Revenue Service may choose to delay it by one to three days in any given year. For some Americans, filing tax returns on the deadline date is a comforting ritual. Those with overcrow

Tips On Income Tax Laws - What To Watch Out For

Most countries have a big budget that they have to stick to. They have to pay for such things as schools, roads, hospitals, the military, government employees, national parks, and so forth. The only way ...

List of Types of Payroll Deductions

There are a number of reasons for which money might be deducted from your money money III image by imagenation from Fotolia.comYour salary is subject to a number of deductions and is generally not reflective of how much pay you'll take home. Money can be deducted from your...

Get Some Tax Savings From Home Energy Credits Before the Year Ends!

On November 21st 2011, the IRS posted an article on their website to remind taxpayers that some of the energy efficiency costs would still award taxpayers a tax credit. The remainder must have come as a last minute call as these tax credits will be expired by the end of 2011. These credits were part

How to Complete an Amended Tax Return

In January 2010, the Internal Revenue Service introduced a simpler, more efficient 1040X form to amend a federal tax return if you have changes to credits, deductions, income, dependents or filing status. Generally, you can amend a tax return going back three years from the date the return was filed

How to Fill Out IRS Form 1099-SA

IRS Form 1099-SA, titled "Distributions From an HSA, Archer MSA, or Medicare Advantage MSA," is sent to those taxpayers who received monetary disbursements from health savings accounts (HSAs) or medical savings accounts (MSAs). The recipient doesn't complete it.