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Cash in Hand - Stay Liquid and Grow Your Money As Stocks Fall

It's a good idea to stay flush with cash in troubled times. A better idea is to grow money as the value of the U.S. buck declines and inflation fears mount. What's the solution? Simple: Master short-term trading strategies in markets like the mini-sized Dow Jones that easily convert to cas

What Is Going On In Cyprus Fx Industry?

The bailout in Cyprus has been postponed and will not play itself out as scheduled. The deal that had been arranged by the EU and the IMF on March 15th did not take place on time, adding further fuel to the fire of panicking investors who fear for the safety of their funds, amid the reality that the

Making Cents Out Of Confusion

Yesterday (September 18, 2007), the Federal Reserve Bank ("Fed") decided to lower interest rates. Fed action begs the question, "Should they do anything at all, or should the economy suffer or benefit from business and consumer choices?"

Invest In CDs Or Put Your Money Into Savings

Should you put your money into a CD or put it into a savings account. If you are like most people you will answer that it is smarter to put your money into a CD rather than savings because the interest rate is better. Is it?

Buying Stocks on Margin Can Be Dangerous

The stock market crash accompanying the Great Depression was partially due to the level of margin utilized by speculators buying common stocks. Discover the role of margin in the Crash of 1929 as well as the subsequent Great Depression.

The Power of Your Mind in Financial Trading

It's part of normalcy of human behaviour and attitude to initiate argument with reality of trading, but I am only writing not from theory point of view but pragmatic. Desire is focal point of all achievement. It is the master key to unlock ingenuity and unfathomable success in any field of ende

Exciting Real Estate Investment Opportunities in the United Arab Emirates

This article aims to give informative advice on property investment opportunities in Dubai. Despite the present state of the global finance, the United Arab Emirates, through careful development planning and a rapidly growing tourism sector, appears secure in its status as one of the most exciting a

Crucial Steps For Securing Your Financial Future

Everybody dreams of becoming financially secure, however not many people actually achieve it and this is mainly due to bad money management skills. Many people have the wrong attitude when it comes to money management and it can have a drastic affect on your financial security. The very first thing

Spanish Property - Your Own Personal Heaven

The nation of Spain has, since quite some time now, been attracting tourists from all parts of the world. The main reason behind this is the presence of an enviable spirit for holidaying and basking in the undying festivities of its rich art and culture.

Safe Investment - What Are Your Options?

Safe investment is the dreamed thing for everyone starting from little business to retired people that want to make their living up. This is the thing that bothers the nation in all ages. This thing is a problem that has stayed there too long and needs to be solved soon.

NCR India's Most Speculative Property Market

The Indian realty space is in the spotlight again. The commercial and residential market in Mumbai has been very subdued. Several developers and experts feel the recovery of the Mumbai property market is still a ...

Choices For High Return On Investments Today

When you are investing, you want to get as much as possible back from the money you put in.High investment returns are sometimes difficult to find.Getting high returns by investment might be something that you need to work very hard to accomplish in the economy today.

Real Estate Development - Applying For a Property Development Permit!

The development permit is one of the keys to a successful real estate development project. Problems getting a permit approved can cause major delays and result in increases in holding costs. We like to do everything possible to ensure in advance that our development application will be approved smoo

Risk Free Trading Strategies on Equity Market

Stock markets tend to take wild decisions in the short run but behave rationally in the long term. Successful investors always base their investment decisions on a shares' intrinsic value and

Distinction оf Roth IRAs frоm Traditional IRAs

There are always possibilities that there are pieces missing in a puzzle in every aspect of our lives. This is also true when it comes to retirement accounts. Though you have acquired a lot of ...

Why Investing In Silver Is Better Than Gold

95 percent of all the gold ever mined is still in existence today in one form or another. On the other hand 95 percent or more of the silver that has ever been mined to date, has either been used or destroyed in small quantities, for many industrial and technological applications. So the majority of

New Launch DLF Park Place 2 Located at Sector 54 Gurgaon

DLF Limited, your reliance property developer is soon on the cards with another superb and ultra luxurious property named as DLF Park Place 2, located on Golf Course Road, Gurgaon. DLF Park Place 2 project ...

Japanese Candle Charting is Anything But Dull

Japanese Candlesticks grab old-style bar charts by the lapels, shake them up, and give them a whole new appearance.In the process, the bar charts are transformed and become much more valuable to the trader.

7 Steps For Successful Real Estate Investing For Beginners

1. Create an Investment Plan - Real estate investing requires an investment plan to be successful. This plan is an outline of the investment and should include a number of components. A successful investment plan will include purchase strategies, an exit strategy, clearly defined goals, and continge