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Dentist in San Jose Takes Care of Your Teeth

In case you are suffering from a dental problem related to your teeth, gums or whether you want to get a regular check up done, it is advisable to visit the dentist in San Jose. ...

Basal Cell Carcinoma

Find WebMD's comprehensive coverage of basal cell carcinoma including medical reference, news, pictures, videos, and more.

After Breast Cancer, Breathing and Creativity - ABC's After Treatment

After breast cancer diagnosis and bilateral mastectomy comes a series of emotions and responses in random order and differing from person to person..Initially treatment and living are the primary focus. After that is time to re-evaluate what is important and begin to explore what's next. After

Detect your Cervical Cancer With Pap Test!

Usually, cervical cancer exhibits no symptoms to detect the presence of cancer in your body. As cervical cancer is a malignant tumor, it is very important for you to have Pap tests done annually.

Why People With Cancer Have Sleeping Problems

The advance of cancers impairs quality of sleep. About 170 Russian medical doctors suggested a simple mechanism that explains the cause of poor and good sleep. It is based on changes in automatic breathing patterns and brain oxygen levels.

Testicular Cancer: Self-Exams at Home

The biggest key to beating testicular cancer is detecting it early. Simple testicular cancer self-exams can play a part in catching this disease in its earliest stages.

The Many Benefits of Natural Breast Cancer Treatment've been diagnosed with breast cancer.Your world has been turned completely upside down.You have thoughts of surgeries and toxic chemical cocktails dancing through your head.What are you going to do?

Products We Use That Help Eliminate Side Effects

Our 4 1/2 year old was diagnosed with Leukemia on July 2nd, and I would like to share what we have done as well as certain products Emma has been taking that have helped her throughout this time in her life. For anyone in a similar situation, I encourage you to consider what we have done to help get


Find WebMD's comprehensive coverage of leukemia including medical reference, news, pictures, videos, and more.

Blood Cancers: Lymphoma, Myeloma Preview

Dr. Bruce Cheson previews studies to be presented at ASCO® 2012 that will change or confirm therapies in follicular lymphoma, Hodgkin lymphoma, myeloma, and more.

Toxicity of Checkpoint Inhibitors

Learn more about a new class of antineoplastic drugs whose mechanism of action depends on interaction with the immune system.


Learn more about the pancreas, its function, and how it can affect your health.