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How to Reset the Keyless Entry on a 1999 Buick

As a division of the General Motors Company, Buick has been producing popular entry-level luxury vehicles since 1903. In addition to Buick's many other luxury features, Buick vehicles from more recent model years allow owners to program keyless entry remotes to lock or unlock the doors of the vehicl

Car DVD Player Mysteries - What is PTY?

Are you looking to buy an after-market car DVD player and wondering what type of car DVD to get? Here is a quick guide to PTY and why it is essential for any discerning car DVD buyer.

Specifications of a 2005 Mazda 3

The 2005 Mazda3 is a sporty economy sedan and five-door hatchback developed by Mazda in conjunction with corporate partner Ford. The 2005 model marked the second year for the 3, which replaced Mazda's Protege and Protege5 in 2004. The car's utility and sporty ride were well-received by...

How Does a Car's Heating System Work?

Parts of the SystemA car heater has several different parts that work together to create heat inside the car. The most important part is the heat core, which is like a radiator. This part traps heat from the engine and then turns it into heat for the passengers in the car. The heat core...

How to Replace the Keyless Entry on a '95 Cherokee

Jeep Cherokees are among the many vehicles from the manufacturer that offer keyless entry systems. These systems allow you to wirelessly control a number of your car's features with a handheld remote that can be attached to your keychain. If your entry remote stops working on your 1995 Cherokee, you

In-Car Entertainment to Make Your Road Trips More Entertaining

With so many resources now available to us, technology is not far from invading everything including our cars. Since people spend a deal of time too in their cars, it is natural to have these moving machines installed with electronic gadgets that serve so many purposes, and entertainment is one of t

How to Replace the Battery on a 2005 GMC

GMC is the professional truck line of the General Motors Corp. As such, GMC trucks are equipped with larger, heavier batteries than the average car. While battery replacement for a GMC truck is comparable to that of most General Motors vehicles, the battery itself requires a little more physical exe

How to Fix a Keyless Entry Touch Pad on a Ford Taurus

Many modern vehicles have keyless entry touch pads. This enables the driver to gain access to the vehicle without having to manually open the lock. Over time the keyless touch pad for your Ford Taurus can stop working and require repair or replacement. The procedure to repair the touch pad if fairly

How to Program a Keyless Remote for a 97 Camaro

The 1997 Chevy Camaro's keyless remote transmitters are owner-programmable, although you can have a dealer program a remote for you if you have trouble with it. Typical reasons for programming a remote include replacement of a lost remote and resynchronization of a remote after it has had its batte

Instructions for a Chrysler Garage Door Opener

Like over a dozen other car manufacturers, Chrysler vehicles are fitted with optional HomeLink garage door systems. These openers, similar to the brand-name remotes that come with your garage door, can be programmed and reprogrammed in just minutes from your garage. Programming your onboard system r

How Do I Check the Speaker Size for a GMC Sierra?

Different years and models of GMC Sierras have different-sized speakers. It is important to know the correct size of your speakers in case you want to purchase replacements when they go out. Determining your speaker size only takes a few seconds and the simplest of tools. Keep in mind that purchasin

What do u know about car headrest monitor

Headrest monitors save a family from a lot of emotional stress while traveling. Now, children would not need to find other reasons to fight each other, just deciding what show to watch is enough reason ...

For Entrepreneurs The Best Chioce - Blackberry

For entrepreneurs the best Chioce - Blackberry27th July, but Google Android devices, activation reached 50 million units per day, Google CEO (Eric Schmidt), does not seem to give up the habit of using your BlackBerry.

How To Install Car Audio

This reading is going to contain the basics for installing everything from power upgrades to how to install door speakers. I will touch on power upgrades under the hood, amplifier installation, speaker installation, head unit installation, and sub woofer installation. The first thing I would recomme

The Best Way to Listen to Music in Your Car

One of the great things about the Apple iPod is that it allows you to take all of your music anywhere. Smaller then the size of a card deck, the iPod can easily store thousands of your favorite songs, books, and games. It is natural to have the desire to bring the portability that is provided by the

How to Set the Universal Garage Door Opener for a Lexus ES300

As garage door openers were popularized and mainstreamed in the mid-1990s, a many vehicle manufacturers began to add remote door openers to their on board systems. Cars from a number of manufacturers offer HomeLink universal garage door openers that can remotely open and close the door from as far a

2003 Jeep Liberty Stereo Installation Instructions

The stock Jeep Liberty stereo includes an AM/FM radio and CD player. Liberty owners who elect to replace their factory unit can choose from a variety of aftermarket decks. Install the new head unit yourself to save the cost of a professional install.