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How to Broadcast Messages on Windows Computers on a Network

If you want to send out messages to other computers on your network, you can use the MSG.exe command. MSG, introduced with Windows Vista to replace Net Send, is a command line tool to broadcast messages. Using MSG, you can send a message to appear on anyone's screen on your home network. These messa

HDD Recorder - How It Makes Recording Easier

An HDD recorder is a blessing to those who don't want to miss their favorite tv shows even when they are away from home. It is time to dispose VHS recorders with limited capacity and go for hard drive recorders that has as much as 2tb hard drive capacity. This is way too much than it is expecte

Enterprise Fax Server

Retarus is one of the largest global messaging service providers for enterprise companies. For more detail

How to Fix a Laptop Keyboard

Although having a laptop is certainly convenient, the all-in-one peripheral scheme (mouse, keyboard and speakers) can make individual repairs difficult, and a non-working keyboard can ruin the value of the entire package. However, there are some practical steps you can take to fix a laptop keyboard.

Using a Laptop Printer to Gain That Competitive Edge

Computers and printers are still relative newcomers to the business world. Most people today still remember what it was like to function without computers but are certainly glad to have the convenience of computers.

How do I Install Tiger on Apple G3?

Tiger, or Mac OS X.4, is an operating system designed for Macintosh computers, and is the fifth version of Apple's OS X software. It was introduced in 2005 and was preceded by OS X.3, known as Panther. A G3 is an Apple Macintosh computer that features a G3 processor. Apple produced a wide range of G

What the Kyocera FS-1800 Printer Can Do For a Business

When it comes to printing black and white materials at a workplace a good printer will be needed. One of the top printers that Kyocera has for business printing needs is the Kyocera FS-1800 printer. It can use various paper options. It also works with a long lasting cartridge for toner. These are ma

How to Convert ATX to AT Power Cable

The latest ATX power supplies have more connectors for SATA and PCI-e cards as well as 20+4 pin connectors to power new high power motherboards. These power supplies offer the same voltage output as legacy AT power supplies plus a new 3.3 volt output, and have different connectors to power the mothe

How to Remove an Nvidia Video Card

One of the great advantages that PCs have over their Macintosh counterparts is that they are inherently customizable. If a new part is developed that would enhance your existing machine, all you have to do is replace the part you currently have in your computer with the other one, and presto, you've

Bridge Games for a Pocket PC

Bridge is a popular card game played by many around the world. The game is not only played by hand, but is also available for your Pocket PC so you can play it on the go. Playing and enjoying a good game of bridge is only a download away when you know where to find the software.

Spy Cam Reviews

Spy cams are becoming increasingly popular. Given the times, it has become very essential to protect homes, valuables and loved-ones. Spy cam reviews published by various consumer electronic magazines and web sites devoted to the subject are a useful method of researching the product before you take

Four Popular Uses For USB Flash Memory

One the most widely used inventions of the past 20 years are the ubiquitous USB Flash Memory sticks. Variously known as Jump Drives, Thumb Drives, Memory Sticks, and many other names, these portable memory devices are to be found everywhere.

How to Find Out If Someone Is a Missing Person

The FBI states that 105,229 people have been actively missing since Dec. 31, 2007. The number of missing persons under the age of 18 was 54,648, and 12,362 adults ages 18 to 20 were missing. There are many databases available that list these missing persons, and any available profile information.

Digital Printing and Laser Printing

Digital printing is the process by which a document is transferred from a computer, or pc, or other digital storage device to a printer or printing substrate. This is by means of an apparatus that accepts text and graphic outputs.

How to Fill HP 22 Ink Cartridges

If you are getting tired of paying the high prices for a new replacement ink cartridge, then you may opt to buy an ink refill kit and refill your cartridges. With a supply of colored ink and a plastic syringe, you can easily access the refill holes on your cartridge and refill the ink as often as ne

How to Fix a Broken SD Card

An SD card is a small, removable memory device that is most often used in electronic items such as digital cameras. The cards are generally made out of plastic, so they are susceptible to damage if left outside of the device or a storage case. Typically it is the read-only lock on the card that brea