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How to Repair a BFS Window

Installing new BFS replacement windows is a snap. You will need an assistant to help you level and install the new BFS window sash, but for the most part this project can be done solo. Replacing windows in your home is a great way to save a lot of money on energy bills, and doing it yourself will sa

How to Erase Cookies in the History of Internet Explorer 7.0

When you access a website, your web browser saves a cookie, a small data file, to your computer. These data files are used by websites to tailor content to a user the next time they open the webpage. Cookies do not access information that you have not already provided to a website. However, Internet

How to Convert Windows XP Home to Professional

If you have Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition installed on you computer, and you decide that you want to install XP Professional Edition, there is a simple upgrade procedure that will let you keep your data and settings while still performing the upgrade. Before performing this process, it's best to

How to Convert an M4P to an MP3 for Windows 2000

An M4P file is a protected media file developed by Apple. Apple uses DRM (Digital Rights Management) encoding in their iTunes products so that customers cannot easily reproduce or distribute downloaded media files. Typically, each file is password encoded and cannot be linked to more than 5 computer

How to Convert Windows to English From Russian

Switching back and forth between languages in Windows is relatively simple once you have installed the languages you need. English is available initially, but you must use the muisetup.exe program to install additional languages like Russian.

How to Uninstall Sunbird 1.0 in Windows 7

Sunbird is a defunct computer program produced by Mozilla. Sunbird is a calendar application that works on most operating systems including Windows, Linux, Mac OS X and OS/2. Mozilla canceled development on Sunbird in 2010, focusing its efforts on Lightning. While Sunbird is a standalone application

How to Remove Leftover Entries on IE8

You will find leftover entries in the Internet Explorer 8--or IE8--address bar even after deleting the temporary Internet files or cache files from your computer. This is because of a feature called AutoComplete. By default, the AutoComplete is turned "on" and stores past entries in the browser regi

How to Recover an NTFS Partition

A Partitioned hard drive is one that has been split in two in order to run two different operating systems (such as Windows XP and OS X). NTFS is the usual format for hard drives that have Windows installed on it. However, when a drive is partitioned and reformatted, files and programs can become lo

How to Manage Mac OS X Startup Programs

When you turn on your Mac, you don't want to have to take the time to individually open your most-used applications, such as Mail, iCal or Safari. The Mac OS X Login Items feature lets you specify which programs you want to launch automatically each time you log in to your Mac. While startup program

How to Make Fractions in Word in Windows 7

Microsoft Word’s AutoFormat feature automatically converts “1/4,” “1/2” and “3/4” to fractions when you type these characters. AutoFormat only supports these three fractions by default, but you can make your own fractions in Word on a Windows 7 PC by using a

How to Fix Windows XP Home

If you're having issues with Windows XP Home Edition, you don't need to take your computer to a specialist and pay hundreds of dollars in order to fix it. Windows XP comes with a number of programs designed to fix various problems built right into its coding. They are installed inside the operating

How to Fix Vista Speed Issues

Many people switched to Windows Vista operating system seeking better performance in their computers. However, after enjoying the program for a short time, many users found their performance level return to pre-Vista levels. One of those problems was speed of the program. Fortunately, there is a way

How to Switch a Windows Computer to VGA Mode

Occasionally after updating or changing a graphics card, Windows may fail to load. This is usually a driver-level issue and can be fixed by installing a different set of drivers. To boot up Windows you may need to use a lower resolution and refresh rate. This is called "VGA Mode" and you can force W

Information on Parental Controls

Parents can use the Internet to help their children by enhancing their reading skills, teaching them to send and receive email, educating them about culture, and to assisting them with schoolwork. However, there are more than 1 million websites that consist of pornographic content.

How to Maximize the Window in Explorer

In Windows, most open programs only take up a portion of the screen, allowing the user to see multiple windows simultaneously, or see their desktop background behind their active programs. In the case of Windows Explorer, the file browser, and Internet Explorer, the Web browser, this may limit the a

My Task Manager Won't Work

The Task Manager is a Windows utility that manages the process and applications for your operating system. A malfunctioning Task Manager can severely hamper your ability to take control of your computer. Use the System Restore utility to fix system applications and return them to an operable conditi

How to Restore Call Waiting in Windows XP

Windows XP contains a feature that automatically disables call waiting when you use your modem to dial a remote connection. This prevents your Internet connection from disconnecting when you receive an incoming telephone call. If you prefer to restore the call waiting feature, you can opt to receive

How to Count the Number of Columns in AWK

AWK is a powerful programming language designed specifically for manipulating and reformatting the content of text files, such as CSV and XML databases or computer log files, to retrieve the important information. It does this by reading each line from the text document and splitting it into columns

How to See the Administrator Password in Windows XP Run Command

With the amount of passwords that are usually established on a computer, it is not uncommon to forget or misplace your Window XP administrator password. Even if you're logged in your computer, in a situation like this one you will want to see your Windows XP administrator password to regain access t