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How to Restore Windows Desktop Settings

Customizing your computer can be a lot of fun, but sometimes you may want to put everything back the way it was the day you got it. Don't worry if you somehow deleted the Internet Explorer icon and can't get it back. You can replace the standard desktop icons, such as My Computer, My Documents and R

Digital Tv

Digital TV is already a reality in many countries, but most of the viewers hardly understand what is hidden in these new wires.

Tips, Techniques and Tactics For Searching the Internet Without Google

Google remains the dominant search engine to use to find information on the Internet, and has even entered the popular lexicon as a verb to desribe the process of "Googling" something. Google, however, is far from the only search engine, and there are several tips, techniques and strategies that can

Why Would I Need an ActiveX Control on My XP?

ActiveX controls are programs that let websites run additional content. These programs are used for many purposes, and although you should exercise caution when downloading them, they can enrich your online experience.

How to Send a Virtual Birthday Card

If you are short on cash, or forget a birthday, a virtual card can be the solution to your problem. Many websites offer free virtual birthday cards that arrive in the e-mail inbox of the recipient seconds after you hit the "send" button. Virtual birthday cards are offered in far greater variety than

Twitter Marketing: A Great Tool to Grow Your Business

Twitter marketing has gained great popularity in recent times and this is evident from the 400 million+ accounts. It is being extensively used as a tool for enhancing the prospects of a business.

You can make real money from Internet Business

Are you looking for home based job or you have ever come across of Affiliate Marketer or Affiliate Marketing but you're not sure what it is all about and how its work.

How To Get A Fabulous NäTcasino On A Tight Budget

If you're a grownup, you most likely recall the old style Atari video games like Pole Placement and Donkey Kong. In the event you haven't checked out video gaming lately, you are in for a ...

How to Uninstall a Limewire Launcher

LimeWire is a peer-to-peer file-sharing program. It's available in several versions, including a free one. If you are receiving a LimeWire Launcher error message after installing LimeWire, you might choose to remove the LimeWire Launcher rather than trouble-shoot for the error.

How to Get 3G High-Speed Internet

3G (Third Generation) high-speed Internet (also known as LTE for Long Term Evolution) is also branded as Mobile Wireless or EVDO. Typically, this service is offered by the cell phone providers, but companies such as Clearwire also provide 3G service. The quality of service can also vary from city to

Event Management Guidelines

For any company youngster should be manage activities successfully, it must be follower of rules and inventive. Other than this, below are a few different festival operations points:

What and Why is Bandwidth Important?

Bandwidth is the measure of the amount of data that is transferred in particular time interval, usually in bits/sec. Bandwidth is the reason why an Internet user may experience a file or video to download faster from one website and the exact file to take longer to download from another website. Ban

Grants & Making Money With Google

Google has developed programs to help entrepreneurs earn money with their websites. It has programs that not only help them generate revenue but also programs to generate traffic to their websites. Google gives away grants to qualified organizations to help with advertising costs, too.

Is Using a CMS Right For You?

In the last few years, the use of content management systems has dramatically increased among website designers and ecommerce developers. More and more, companies want control over their website. The function of a CMS is ...