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Your HP Pavilion DV7 Desires Protection Also

Guarding your laptop from damaging viruses is one particular technique to keep its functions. Even the sturdiest laptops just like the HP Pavilion DV7 wants safeguarding. Make sure you have an anti virus application installed ...

Understanding the Importance of Mac the Ripper

It is the general interest of most of the people to plan out for a movie with family or close friends especially during special occasions such as Christmas, rather than planning picnics or any outings

How Can I Remove Programs From My Startup Group?

As a computer gets older, more files get downloaded and more programs get installed, it will slow down and become less efficient. This can be affected by having many programs taking up RAM at at the same time, which makes multitasking difficult. Programs like web browsers or word processors influenc

Uses of Microsoft Excel 2002

Microsoft Excel allows users to manipluate data.computers screen 2 image by chrisharvey from Fotolia.comMicrosoft Excel is a spreadsheet and data program that is included in the Microsoft Office software suite. Microsoft Office software, and consequently Microsoft Excel, can be purchased...

How to Access Zip Folder Files

Zip folder files compress files into a more compact form to save space and for quicker transmission via email. A Zip folder can contain one or more files which you can access without additional software if you have the Windows XP operating system or better. These instructions assume XP. The details

Benefits of Rating and Review

Competition online is tough, and you got to be tougher to make a special place for you, else you will get lost in the race of online players. There are multiple things you can do to stay ahead of othe

How to Remove Tags With an iPhone

Accessing Facebook from your iPhone brings you to the Facebook Touch Mobile website. Although this version of Facebook is smaller and more limited than the full-size Facebook website, you can still perform basic functions. One of the functions includes removing tags from photos. You can remove any t

How to Copy Multiple Pages in CorelDraw to a New File

CorelDraw is a commercial graphics application typically used by graphics designers in a business environment. This software application is a competing application to graphics packages such as Photoshop and Paint Shop Pro. Microsoft Windows provides "copy and paste" functionality with which you can

How to Configure Asterisk GUI on CentOS

Asterisk is a computer program that turns any CentOS-based computer into a communication server. This allow people to use voice over IP, interactive voice response and private batch exchange on their systems. If you would like to configure the Asterisk Graphical User Interface on your computer, you

How to Create Bubble Lettering in Photoshop

If you're forever blowing bubbles, as the old song goes, let your website, stationery and other text reflect that effervescent pastime. With Adobe Photoshop, you can create bubble lettering to simulate the appearance of light and frothy wording. Although Photoshop doesn't have a bubble letter font,

How to Recover the Password to a Word 2008 File on a Mac

The password protection feature in Word 2008 on your Macintosh computer locks files from being opened without the user-created password, but it can also lock you out of the file if you forget the program's password. Luckily, Macintosh computers come with the Keychain Access utility that saves passwo


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Patriotic Bear

Download free graphics in the form of transparent PNG files or Paint Shop Pro picture tubes. This collection includes 40 seasonal and all-occasion graphics from

How to Replace Sound Recorder

The original edition of Sound Recorder, an audio program that made it easy to record streaming audio and audio through your computer's "Line In" jack, came standard on every PC with Windows XP. But if you're a Sound Recorder user who's ready to try another simple recording program -- perhaps in rea

How to Make CSS Profile Layouts

When you create an account with social networking sites, such as IMVU and Bebo, you get a personal profile page that displays your information. This profile is typically predesigned by default, but you have the option to style the various elements, such as the background color and typeface, to suit


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