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Deaf Assistive Technology

Assistive technology for the deaf has been around for at least 130 years. Some of the most widely used technology, such as the telephone, was originally designed as a device for the hearing impaired. To be deaf does not necessarily mean a person cannot hear. A person who has significant hearing loss

Improve Your Vision Naturally

The Brevard vision care professionals do each and everything that is in their hands in order to make you see the world clearly. In case you are facing problems with the vision, then your eye ...

Acceptance and Loss

Adversities and setbacks are normal parts of our lives and we are challenged at various times by pain, stress, illness, mental difficulties or disability. Much of what happens is outside our control and we vary ...

How Much Speed Do You Need From Your Power Wheelchair?

One of the most common questions asked by those who need a power wheelchair [] is. "How fast do I need to go in my power wheelchair?" So how much does the maximum speed really ...

Disability Evaluation Services & SSI

The Supplemental Security Income program provides cash benefits to qualified elderly, blind or disabled individuals to help them meet their monthly living expenses. The Social Security Administration works with local disability determination services to evaluate each applicant's eligibility for bene

Why Do I Need Stairlifts?

When someone finds they need a stairlift or someone they love needs one they do a little research. They learn what they can about this device that will give more freedom and assist the user when it comes to stairs. There are options and features to consider when finding the right stairlift system.

Requirements for Handicapped Disability Tags

The use of handicapped disability tags has special requirements.Handicapped Parking sign image by Jim Mills from Fotolia.comHandicapped disability tags can be permanent or temporary, providing injured or recovering people with closer parking spots. Temporary tags hang from the vehicle's...

2 Things to Check Before Calling Your Chair Lift Mechanic

According to research the most common repair calls are those of callers frantically explaining how their chair lift won't budge. As you can imagine that has to be very frustrating, and an adrenaline rising - short fuse experience.(to put it mildly) After investing for a mobile people mover you

Automatic Door Openers - Assist People With Disabilities

Automatic door openers are designed to assist people with disabilities through doors. Automatic door openers are a technological innovation which can be considered as a breakthrough in enhancing the lives of handicapped people.

What You Must Know of the Benefits of Handicap Hand Controls

As you can imagine being disabled isn't easy, and there are lots of barriers that disabled people face to stop them living a normal life. Some of these such as walking are usually never overcome, but there are plenty of other things that they can do if given the chance and opportunity. One of

How to Repair Mobility Scooters

If you're the owner of a mobility scooter, you should be aware that your scooter may be susceptible to electromagnetic interference (EMI). If your scooter moves by itself, releases its brakes or moves in the wrong direction, it isn't necessarily broken. Electromagnetic energy from television and rad

How to Feel Relax After Using Zanaprin

Here we will discuss about the herbal product that means the zanaprin which is especially work for reduce the stress and after using this medication you can feel better. If you want to search the ...

Fully Automatic Residential Elevators

Fully automatic residential elevators with safety features. These residential elevators provide a great deal of independence to disabled individuals.

Wheelchair Ramps: Making The End User Safe

Wheelchair ramps have become a staple in American businesses, thankfully. In 1990 the American with Disabilities Act set forth guidelines that make it law that places that operate for the public must allow equal access to all people making wheelchair ramps a staple in our culture. The act allows for

Choosing The Right Lift Chair Recliner For Your Needs

If you are giving consideration to purchasing a lift chair recliner then there are certain details that you will need to be fully aware of before purchasing a lift chair recliner for you or for someone in your family. If you or someone in your family is having problems with sitting down and standing

Disability Insurance For Attorneys "to-be"

Incapacity Income insurance is something that most young professionals never think about. It's troublesome for most young individuals to perceive the need for Disability insurance as a result of the thought of becoming disabled virtually appears unrealistic. It will happen but, and per Social S

Cerebral Palsy Symptoms and Conditions

Cerebral palsy symptoms vary from case to case. This condition is caused by damage to the brain that manages motor control. It can occur during pregnancy, childbirth or after the child is born. If if shows up after the child is born, it will happen no later than 3 years old. This is a permanent cond

Facts You Need To Know About Autism

Based on the National Institute of Health and the Centers for Disease Control Prevention’s data gathering, autism is appraised to affect at least 1 of every 160 births made each year.It is also believed that approximately one and a half million Americans are going through a couple form of auti

What You Need to Know When Filing for Social Security Disability

Applying for Social Security Disability can be an overwhelming and frustrating process. Understanding how the application process works so that you can attempt to speed up your disability claim can make the disability application process much less stressful. Before applying for Social Security Disab

Loss Of Hearing

The ear is the organ that detects sound. It receives sound and also helps in body position and balance. Sound moves in waves of pressure and the ear receives this sound.