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Assyrian Empire

Assyrian Empire and the Region About the Eastern Mediterranean 750-625 B.C.

Pubilius Syrus

Pubilius Syrus, a Syrian writer of mimes.

Traditional vs. Contemporary Art

In 1653, the great Dutch artist Rembrandt used oil paint to create his masterpiece "Aristotle with a Bust of Homer." Today, that painting hangs at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City. In 1996, German artist Anselm Kiefer created his own master work, "Bohemia Lies by the Sea." He used she


Apostasy and the early Church.

The Trials of Alcibiades

The famous Athenian statesman Alcibiades was implicated in a scandal involving statues' mutilated genitals. Well, that's one way to impeach a guy...

Vietnam War: Fall of Saigon

The Fall of Saigon took place on April 30, 1975, when North Vietnamese troops captured the city. The Fall of Saigon marked an end to the Vietnam War and saw the country reunited under Communist rule. During the Fall of Saigon, US aircraft conducted a massive airlift to remove personnel and friendly

Why Were Japan's Emperors Considered Gods?

Tradition states that Japan's emperors have come from a single family since 660 BCE, and that they are the sons of a goddess. As a result, Japan is a heavenly kingdom. Learn about the divine origins of the Japanese imperial family here.

Lucius Verus

Lucius Verus ruled together with Emperor Marcus Aurelius.

The Nabob of Cambay

Gallery of vintage images of British India in the 19th century, including a print of the Nabob of Cambay.

Movies That Are Based on Greek Myths

Zeus, king of the Gods of ancient Greece, is a popular movie - fontaine de la place de la concorde image by dead_account from Fotolia.comThe myths of ancient Greece are a rich source of lore that is still used today as a reference for modern stories. Many contemporary...

What Led to the Boston Tea Party?

Learn about the events and actions that led to the famed Boston Tea Party before the start of the Revolutionary War.

August in American History

Want to find out what happened on a particular date in American History? This page will lead to each day in the month of August.