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Dabangg 2 Songs Review

A hugely hyped song on the album – Fevicol se, sung by Mamta Sharma and featuring Kareena Kapoor – draws heavy inspiration from the Rajasthani folk number Holiya mein ude re gulaal. The desi lyrics that go Main hoon tandoori murgi piya, gatkaale piya alcohol se and Laundia patayenge miss

Considering Learning the Piano?

People of all ages learn the piano. With keyboards and digital/ electronic pianos on the market, buying a piano is now affordable and easy. In fact, those living in small apartments, or worried about noise control can find electronic keyboards and pianos to be a great option! Alternatively, those of

Are Mp3 Files Compatible With The Ipod?

MP3 files are easily the most popular form of audio storage found on the internet. The fact that the music is compressed to a small size for easy storage without losing any of the sound quality makes these files very desirable.

How to Record Beats

The record industry's stranglehold on making music has come to an end. The resources to record music are no longer unattainable and costly for the average home composer. Free, open-source software like Audacity makes it easy for anyone with a good home computer to create and record beats. Dazzle you

Seek Web Assistance to Find Lebanese Music

One of the things for which Lebanon is known is its music. They are reaching far ahead on this front and are seen equivalent with other leading music nations.

Apple iPods Price Entertainment at its Best

iPods are a high definition media player that come in portable size. iPods can be used as a storage device and you can store all your favorite music in this device.

Tiesto - In Concert

DJ Tiesto is a man that needs no introduction from me; I am humbled simply by the thought that my opinion will be posted about the Greatest DJ in the World. Not only is it a review of the world's greatest DJ, it's a review of the world's greatest DJ concert. Tiesto has become the epit

What Does Your Resume Say About You?

I have read thousands of resumes in my career as a C-level executive. To be honest, I usually read the first couple of lines and scan the job titles of the candidate in an effort ...

The Importance of Frets and Fret Boards

On a guitar, the fret board is the long neck of the guitar stretching from the body up to the very end, where the strings are tightened. This long neck of the guitar is where the secondary hand plays the chords by pushing down the strings against the fret board in specific places. By pushing the str

Album Review - The Rolling Stones, Aftermath (1966)

After five studio albums (three in the U.K.), with Aftermath the Rolling Stones finally deliver a set of all original material, with every track written by Mick Jagger and Keith Richards. The album opens with the ominous classic "Paint It, Black" with its signature sitar riff courtesy of B