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Hitzville IS Motown!

Back in the early days of Berry Gordy, "Hitzville" had been the nickname given to the city of Detroit by Gordy himself before he had even produced a hit. An ex-boxer and factory worker, Gordy was known for being a little more than confident. Said to constantly boast his knack for finding t

Risk Reduction Made Easy

One of the things producers do want to worry about in the booking process is risk. They do not want to ask themselves am I going to get burnt working with this clown whom I have never hired before? There is a way to make producers and agents feel at ease when considering you and that is the power of

Popular Beauty Pageant Talent Routines

Beauty pageants have grown to be an immensely popular aspect of 21st century culture by now. Girls nowadays would love to see themselves as winners and beauty queens in fashion pageants and the only problem with this is not everyone can be one. The judges can only select one.

The Buzz! -- Vol 1, No. 4

What's the latest talk show news? You can find out by reading this week's issue of 'The Buzz!' This week we talk about The Emmys, The Colbert Report, and The Daily Show's stellar win; Live with Regis and Kelly's Relly Awards; The Today Show's Meredith Vieira's

The National Museum of Dance and Hall of Fame

The National Museum of Dance and Hall of Fame is an inspiration to those that love dancing in any of its given forms. This article will introduce The National Museum of Dance and Hall of Fame to you.

The Five Secrets to Learning Magic

Do you want to get started in Magic? But if it is a secret, underground profession, how does one actually seek out the techniques, secrets and information needed to actually perform for a living?

American Idol 2010 - Where is the Talent?

American Idol 2010, so far, is looking really disappointing. It begs the question... Is this really a sampling of the brightest and best that America has to offer? It simply can't be.

How to Write a Press Release for the Theatre

It's almost always a challenge to get an audience for a theatrical production, particularly if the group or production is not well known. Getting good media coverage is vital, but that can be a challenge in itself; unless it's a small community, competition for news space is fierce, and most theatr

How to Succeed in Hollywood - Getting Past the Cut

One of the great places to learn lessons about Hollywood is the commentary section of DVDs. It's amazing the insights you can gain from filmmakers talking quite innocently about the process of getting the movie made. Sometimes the things they think they're teaching you about the movie busi

How to Apply Ribbons to Pointe Shoes

Once you start taking regular pointe class, you find yourself wearing out your pointe shoes very quickly. Many dancers find it most efficient to buy their shoes in batches of 10 or more and setting up an assembly line process, first cutting all the ribbons and elastics and then sewing them all. Cons

How Irish Dancing Began

Many nations around the world are proud of their history, no more so than Irish people. Irish people, no matter where they live, love their heritage and where they come from. This is evident where ever you visit anywhere Irish. Be it in the pub or even in the homes. Music and dance are an important

Audition Workshop - Teaching Kids to Present Themselves

Most young people, unless trained, do not really have a clue as to how to audition for a live theatrical production. Hosting an audition workshop can make an immense difference in a young person's performance at an audition.