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Hidalgo' s Hoofprints Leave Controversial Impressions

Set in the 1800s, the Disney movie Hidalgo, has sparked questions as to the historical accuracy of the events as depicted in the movie. Declared to be based on a true story, the film revolves around Frank Hopkins identified as the best rider in the west, and his Spanish mustang Hidalgo. The plot bui

Satyajit Ray - The Cinematic Genius

An introduction to Satyajit Ray, who is hailed as a multi-tasking genius of cinema. An attempt to explore what made his movies so special.

Portfolio Folders And Short Movies

If it is the debut of your short movie in a film festival, you need to write an attractive summary to catch people’s hearts and allure their desire to watch your short movie. As there are many movie goers and critics on the festival, you can also write a summary for your video in a professiona

PC satellite TV Best way to pass time

This service is really very good for those who want to pass time as well as get freedom from boredom. This service enables you to watch cable TV channels on your computer or laptop.

Katee Sackhoff as Sarah

Photos from the NBC action series Bionic Woman t help get viewers better acquainted with the series.

Viewers Still Turning to Television For Entertainment

While many experts are speculating that television viewership has decreased due to the Internet and video websites, new reports have shown that television is still the screen of choice for many people. A recent report has found that alternative forms of television, including online video, are having

Oprah Winfrey - Say Goodbye to a Much Beloved Television Icon

The Oprah Winfrey show has been broadcast into homes across America and around the world since 1986. During these past twenty-three years Oprah has become a household name and a cultural icon. She was America's first black billionaire but still gives a significant portion of her earnings to cha

Bayer Filter - History In Classic Special Effects

A Bayer Filter mosaic, which is more popularly known as the Bayer Pattern is basically a color filter array that is more often than not used on RGB color filters to arrange them on a grid for photo sensors,

How To Get Satellite TV Installed The Next Day?

People are so busy today they have little time to wait. If you are waiting for your Cable Company to fix your cable TV, if you've moved, or if for some reason or another you ...

How to Connect a TV Antenna

In a world where you can receive thousands of channels that nobody really watches by paying a cable company large sums of money every month, people seem to forget that we still live in a world where you can get a handful of channels free of charge. A TV antenna (also famously referred to as "Rabbit

Wayne Visits Santa

Pictures from ABC's Prep and Landing Christmas special, starring Dave Foley, Derek Richardson and Sarah Chalke.

Music In Smallville Delivers True Emotion To Audience

When looking at television shows, there are numerous facets that can take it over the top. From the plots to the characters to the emotion that is expressed, every little detail can captivate an audience. But sometimes it is the music that will give it that last little edge, which is precisely what

World Cinema - Witch Hunt (2008)

Witch Hunt is a documentary throwing light on some hard-to-fathom events that took place in America. Read on and share your insight.

American Psycho Film Review

The story follows a Wall Street tycoon named Patrick Bateman. He is a man obsessed with fitting in, but he has a dark side. Patrick has a lust for blood and will kill anyone for little or no reason whatsoever. But that lust soon creeps into his days and he finds it almost uncontrollable.

Blu-Ray Movies - The Future Of Cinema

The advanced blu-ray movies are really entertaining as they offer wonderful displays and flawless playback. People are ardently admiring this new age format for video playback as it is highly advanced and efficient.

Guest Stars on the Twilight Zone

I love The Twilight Zone! As a TV fan, I cannot get enough of the Twilight Zone. The show keeps you sitting on the edge of your chair. It is television gold, and has some of the most interesting stories. This may be one reason why it has achieved classic status. The fact that it is in black and whit