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The Basic Role of the National Wildlife Federation

The National Wildlife Federation has been in existence for more than 70 years in the United States. The mission of this organization is to inspire all Americans to care about and protect wildlife so that generations to come may still enjoy them too. The National Wildlife bridges all levels of govern

Bamboo: Versatile, Sustainable, Green

As a crop, bamboo is greener than even other renewable resources like cotton, or even trees! The more we can make from this fast-growing and hard to kill grass, the greener we can become. Bamboo can be used to construct your house; the floors. cabinets, and furniture in it; the rugs inside and out;

Crushing Aluminum Cans

When you recycle aluminum cans, it is not required they be crushed first.The main reason you might want to crush aluminum cans is they will take up less space.You will be able to fit more aluminum cans into a bag once they have been crushed.

Raining And Pouring - Climate Change In The UK

Though extreme, the flooding experienced in the UK towards the end of 2012 is part of a much wider pattern. Rainfall has been steadily increasing in the UK for decades, a trend that shows no signs of slowing.

The New Oil

Water has become a hot commodity as the global needs for quality water outstrip supply. The trend is for private individuals and businesses to buy and sell water rights, much like other mineral rights including oil. What this means for everyone is higher prices for water. For some countries who neit

Solar Courses - Are They For You?

Are you looking for an exciting new career where you can make money and help others save money? If so, you may be the perfect candidate to enroll in some solar courses. Solar energy is becoming more and more popular today with the steady emphasis there is on saving money on utilities and helping our

What Can We Do to Help Save the Polar Bears?

Global warming is real and is negatively effecting the lives of all creatures on Earth.This article discusses the specific case of polar bears and how humans may be on the path to destroying the natural habitat of polar bears as well as our own.

Going Green is the Way to Go

Looking at the state of the environment we are at right now, it is probably a little too late to try to fix things up. However, we should at the very least try our best to clear things up.

Forests in the Sea - Kelp Beds Off San Diego, California

The kelp forests off the coast of San Diego are some of the richest and most developed beds on earth.The kelp plant is one of the fastest growing plants on earth and under ideal conditions may grow a couple feet per day.It prefers water temperatures in the 50 - 65 degree F range and may reach upward

Explore How Solar Panels Work

Technology has changed the world to a great extent.Just imagine how it has highly facilitated us in many ways.With the surging prices of goods and electric charges, it's just best to use alternative ways that would help us save more.A solar panel is the key.

Attack of the Killer Environmentalists

A biosecurity agenda is eroding personal freedom and liberty in the name of environmental cleansing.Invasion biology is not a science, but a political process meant to define acceptable and unacceptable species in a given environment. Invasive species control is ultimately human control.And the stak

Being Green Is the Better Alternative?

We are demanding so much from our environment. We ask it to provide for our everyday needs and yet we refuse to replace whatever we took from it. The Earth, with its renewable and non-renewable sources of energy, is not at the brink of existence if we don't modify our ways. Climate change is on

What Is "Wind Sickness"?

Is wind sickness real or not? This concise article summarizes global research that is science based and peer reviewed.

Data Destruction

Asset Disposition might not be that important for personal files, but it is imperative that businesses make sure no person can find out information after they dispose of their computers. An individual might clear the hard drive through a destructive recovery but this is insufficient for a company, t

Shine a Green Light on Your Business

According to the Census Bureau there are 304,995,583 people living in the United States. Each individual puts a strain on the planet's resources, creating a "carbon footprint." The cumulative effect of everything one does, buys, eats, et cetera, will last beyond their lifespan and aff

The Value of Trees

Mankind has benefited since the dawn of time from its co-existence with trees. Now, in the early years of the twenty first century, trees are being recognized as being even more valuable than our ancestors could have imagined.

USA - China - A G2 For Climate and Economy?

The latest news from the political debate on climate change says that the United States is trying to embark China as first partner on this global boat that has to reach the island of a new global agreement on CO2 emissions reduction (the Kyoto Protocol and its targets referred to 2008-2012 need now

The Anthropomorphic Factor in Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Energy Consumption

Illustration of the Need for Green Energy in North America in Order to Prevent Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Climate Change. Which is the Gas named Greenhouse Gas? There is no such thing as a unique greenhouse gas since there is a multitude of gas combinations which have the properties of letting the