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Divorce And Kids In Today's World

Marriage today is no longer an institution. Couples who decide to marry sometimes are able to sustain their relationship for decades. They are able to provide a stable home for their children. The kids are emotionally secure in the knowledge that their parents love and respect each other. They have

Divorced: Loving yourself Through Divorce

Learning to love yourself through the divorce process.Embracing and honoring your feelings and learning to grow and develop even through peronal challenge.

Have The Perfect Wedding By Following This Useful Advice

Many people put all their effort and time into wedding preparations. When you are planning yours, use the helpful tips in the article below. Take your time when writing your wedding vows; this shows that ...

Sex Without Love and Love Without Sex

Sex without love is the beginning of bipolar disorder and psychosis, because the human being feels that he is only an immoral animal, and his psyche cannot accept such misery. On the other hand, love without sex cannot be considered a balanced relationship. It is not natural and this means that the

Find Your Life Partner With Matrimonial Websites

Marriage is a very auspicious word in India, and it means a lot to the Indians drenched in tradition, culture and family values. Marriage not only paves the way for human being to live a ...

Avoid These Pitfalls When Dating After A Divorce

While there is a rule of thumb on dating after a divorce, each individual's circumstances are different.These are some important things to consider before you enter the dating game after your divorce.Following these tips will help make the transition easier for you and for your children, if you

How to Make it on Your Own After a Divorce

Getting divorced can be a challenging time in any man or woman's life. Often times, a divorce means rebuilding financially, moving, dating again, or helping children to adjust to a single- or dual-parent home. However, one can overcome all of these challenges in time and can take steps to ease the t

Announcing Your Divorce to the Kids

One of the most difficult initial steps to ending a marriage is explaining the situation to the children. There is no way to make this conversation simple or pleasant. There are, however, tips you can take to help make the process a little easier for everyone involved.

Having a Wedding on a Very Tight Budget

With good planning, the bride and groom can have a beautiful wedding without spending a fortune. It may be more time consuming and require the expertise of family and friends. Here are some helpful suggestions ...

Reconcile my Marriage - Should you?

Later at some point in your marriage after the romance is gone your sitting there wondering 'what the heck did I get myself into' and now should I even try to ' reconcile my marriage'?

3 Simple Tips to Prevent Divorce and Improve Your Relationship

Are you experiencing problems in your marriage and you feel that your once solid relationship is coming to an end with the impending prospect of divorce? Before your troubles become insurmountable and divorce seems to be the only solution there are a number of things that you can do.

How to Deal With Differences in Your Marriage

We all are distinct. Because each individual is created uniquely for unique purpose in life, no two people in the world can be the same. There are always diversities among people. In the same manner, it is not a big deal if you have dissimilarities with your spouse. Even as a man and a woman there a

Romantic ideas on Valentines Day at home

Valentine's day, 14th February, every year on this day have been celebrated for almost everybody in almost every part of the world. Some give gifts, spend an expensive dinner in a luxurious restaurants with candles ...