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How to Make a Spaceship Out of Foil

Many children dream of becoming an astronaut when they grow up, but few children have the opportunity to see a real spaceship. Spaceships can come in many shapes and sizes -- sometimes referred to as rockets, hovercrafts, spacecrafts or even unidentified flying objects (UFOs). Foil and a few others

5 Amazing Ways To Experiment Sexually

If you are reading this article today it is because you are ready to start experimenting with something different in the bedroom. Variety and experimentation really is the key to a lasting relationship, especially when ...

How Do I Know if Sex Is Consensual?

You can't know if the sex you're having is consensual unless you ask. At least at first. Here's a guide to navigating consent in a sexual relationship.

How to Make Rabbits Out of Socks

Create an adorable rabbit from an old pair of socks for a great recycling-savvy new toy for your child. Make an enormous toy bunny from a pair of extra large men's socks, or make a bunch of little rabbits from small children's socks and hand them out to party guests at an animal-themed children's bi

How to Make a Witch Gown Out of a Red Dress

Often, the racks of thrift stores yield excellent finds for Halloween costumes. For a child or teenager, an adult sized dress is easy to transform into a fun, tattered witch costume. One of the great things about shopping for costume pieces in thrift store aisles is the ability to find low-cost item

Sex in the Home Office

Sex at the office may be taboo, but what happens when your office is your home? Tips on keeping your sex life happy when you work from home

Things to Avoid While Talking Dirty

If you have learned the art of talking dirty, you know how to please your man. However, if you do not know what things to avoid while conversing passionately with him, you might offend your ...

When Intimacy Doesn't Come Around

What do you do when you've been in a relationship for quite some time but that deep intimate connection that you crave just doesn't surface? This is a confusing issue, especially if you think you ...

Understanding Herbal Breast Enlargement

A lot of women are becoming increasingly interested in herbal breast enlargement. As with any method of breast enlargement, there are certain controversies surrounding the subject. However, a lot of women agree that herbal methods ...

How to Last Longer in Bed

All of us have heard about and some of us have experienced first hand, women's multiple orgasm abilities. Properly treated, many women are able to achieve several orgasms during sex. But male multiple orgasm, somehow ...

Tips On Having Good Sex and Male Enhancement Product

Looking for a fail proof way to get a bigger penis? Join the club! Millions of men have tried every contraption and pill combination they can find looking for the absolute best way to get ...

Read The Extenze Reviews To See If It Works

Truly, the Extenze male enhancement products have been getting a lot of positive feedback from a lot of people. If you are very particular with the quality of your sexual performance then you will be ...