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ADA Regulations for Doorways

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) sets a wide range of standards and regulations that builders and building owners must comply with in order to meet the needs of people with disabilities. Under the specifications of this act, doorways must meet specific requirements.

Fire Safety in China

These are signs set up in areas with high traffic to show the nearest and fastest way out in case of a fire. Other fire signs include fire sprinkler and fire extinguisher signs. Having those ...

New York State Laws on Overtime for Over 40 Hours

The Fair Labor and Standards Act guarantees overtime pay for most workers who work over 40 hours per week. Some states also provide overtime pay if a worker works more than eight hours per day; however, New York uses only the 40-hour standard for overtime. New York provides overtime for all categori

OSHA Requirements for Tools

OSHA requires tools to have necessary guards and safety measures.Sciage image by lamax from Fotolia.comMany workers in the U.S. sustain major injuries and even die on the job, especially while using potentially dangerous work equipment. The Occupational Health and Safety Administration...

Laws on Carrying Firearms in Kansas

Kansas regulates the carrying of with gun image by Valentin Mosichev from Fotolia.comLike all other states, Kansas has specific guidelines regarding the transport and carrying of firearms. Whether you're a resident or a visitor, or carrying open or carrying concealed, it is...

How To Plan Your Estate Properly

People work hard in order to amass some assets and properties. They would want to have these possessions in order to secure their finances and their family's comfort and future. There are many things that ...

Levels of Burden of Proof

A burden of proof requires a party persuade a judge or jury that his legal position is correct. The rules for burdens of proof vary depending on the cases involved. A prosecutor bears the burden of proof in a criminal case. A criminal defendant does not need to prove his innocence and may remain si

Diminished Value Laws in Arizona

Arizona recognizes three types of diminished value claims.Coche accidentado image by quicolopez from Fotolia.comArizona law allows vehicle owners to collect diminished value when their vehicles have been in accidents. Such a claim is more successful when the accident was recent, it was a...

Fine And Impressive Of Securities Fraud Lawyer

These days, frauds in the securities are absolutely regular. To encounter these exercises, you require the assistance of a securities fraud lawyer. If you have confidence and faith in the investment company, private broker or ...

Avoid Court and Minimize Conflicts, Foster Trust

Most of us are well aware about the fact that it is extremely hard to break marriages but easy to tie knots. This is because; it is bond, which includes feelings of love and emotions, ...

What Are the Rules of Court for a Civil Summons?

A civil summons is an invitation to court that you must not ignore. Unlike a real invitation, there is no option to miss the court date. Doing so can result in a contempt of court charge, a warrant for your arrest and/or a fine. Just as there are rules for complying with a civil summons, rules exist

New Jersey Strike Laws on Employee Bargaining

The New Jersey Employer-Employee Relations Act, passed in 1968, governs the actions of public employees and employers during a union bargaining process. The law permits employees to strike while their union negotiates with the company in an attempt to obtain higher compensation and additional benefi

Laws in Virginia for Children in Cars

Virginia law mandates that small children be properly secured in car seats.child in the car image by Natalia Pavlova from Fotolia.comDriving a vehicle comes with certain expected responsibilities. All states require drivers to pass a licensing test to operate a vehicle alone. Beyond this...

Mississippi State Law on Soliciting in Public Colleges

According to Mississippi state law, the eight colleges and universities in that state are managed and controlled by the Board of Trustees of State Institutions of Higher Learning (IHL). In the By-Laws and Policies of the IHL, the individual institutions are instructed adopt rules...

How to Apply for HUD

The Department of Housing and Urban Development, better known as HUD, is a government agency that is designed to provide access to low-cost housing for those who cannot afford standard rental rates. HUD doesn't provide housing assistance directly to families in need, but instead helps to fund state,