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Hair Loss Treatment Primer

There are a lot of treatments touted to help hair loss - but do they really work? Learn more from a hair transplant expert.

Combat Hair Loss

Some people have a crown of hair that they can be proud of; while others have to find ways and means in order to combat hair loss. This world is unfair at times, and there is nothing that we can do about this unfairness. What we can do, however, is to take steps to help ourselves to minimize the pro

How to Shave Designs into the Sideburns

Your sideburns make a statement, since they are a reflection of personal style. Some sideburns are long and rugged, while others are short and clean cut. Sideburn designs, however, make a statement all their own. A design that is shaved into the sideburn lets people know that you are creative and ar

Hair Regrowth Is Simply Growing the Hair Healthily

Human development is a process by which an individual grows into maturity. This biological process entails the growth of all organ systems in the body; one of which is the integumentary system. The integumentary system ...

A Gift Idea For That Balding Friend On Your List

Hair loss is definitely manageable but not only by making appointments with dermatologists or hair experts. The Personal Hair Laser is a medical device that uses the principles of latest technology photo-biology specifically Low Level Laser Therapy and Light-emitting Diode Therapy.

Hair Loss Symptoms - How Does a Man Know If He is Really Going Bald?

Hair loss symptoms can be difficult to read at first. We shed hairs every day anyway. But knowing if you are suffering from hair loss early is an advantage because the earlier you treat it then the better results that you can get. In this article, I'll show you how to identify real hair loss an

How to Trim Dreads

Backcombing and twisting matted pieces of hair create the hairstyle known as dreads or dreadlocks. Dreads are considered a low-maintenance hairstyle. Occasionally, they do require a trim to keep the hair looking clean and neat. Dreads may be trimmed at any length, but if the hair is too short, soft

Hair loss treatment through natural hair transplants

Hair loss treatment for head hair loss, eyebrows hair loss, eyelashes hair loss, beard hair loss and mustache hair loss could be carried out permanently through hair transplants called male hair trans

Things You Must Know About Hair and Understanding Hair Loss

In this lesson we will discuss the reasons why we tend to lose hair! Now for those of you who are not interested in knowing the facts about losing hair, I ask you to stay with me, because to get a great mane you need to know what causes the opposite effects of losing hair. First fact to know about h

Exotic Moroccan Oil for a Healthy You

Moroccan oil is produced from the most important part of the Argan tree that is only found in Argana, Morocco. It is also known as Argan oil. The fruits seeds are rich in tocopherols and contain an ex

Why You Must Get A New Shampoo Immediately

This shampoo for hair loss for women contains no sulfates. It is pH balanced and features botanical extracts in its formulation. This shampoo is fortified with vitamins. It is not exactly a shampoo, but instead a "hair tonic."

Pubic Hair Folliculitis

Many people experience discomfort and irritation in the pubic area caused by pubic hair folliculitis. Luckily, this condition is easily treated.

What Is Hair Transplant Surgery?

One of the simplest cosmetic procedures is hair transplant surgery. So what is hair transplantation surgery? This is basically a cosmetic procedure that helps people get back hair they lost.

How to Remove Burned-on Grease From the Bottom of an Electric Skillet

An electric skillet provides a convenient option when you do not have easy access to a full kitchen. You can use it in a college dorm or at a hotel. It is also valuable when you simply don't want to mess up your entire stove. Finding a way to clean the skillet, especially when you have grease that h