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How to Determine a Long Sleeve Shirt Size for Men

Wearing a properly sized shirt displays an impressive sense of fashion and professionalism. Long sleeve shirts are sized based on three measurements: Chest size, sleeve length and neck size. For a truly professional look, you should have a shirt tailored to fit your exact measurements. However, if y

Swimming off the Abaco coast

Pictures from Abaco Beach Resort and Boat Harbor in Abaco, Bahamas. This is a gorgeous site for a Bahamas destination wedding or romantic getaway. See pictures of the magnificent views, architecture, sunsets, food and accomodations.

How Not To Damage Your Hari When Drying It

Some Valid Reasons Why You Must Choose A Good HairdryerIf you wish to have a good impact on your hair and hairstyle in choosing a good hairdryer is and must. As using a good hairdryer will dry your ha

How to Locate a Vans Store

When you hear the word "vans," your thoughts might turn to a fleet of motor vehicles with elongated bodies. But Vans is also the name of a retailer selling shoes and clothing. An online tool can help you locate a Vans store near you.

How to Rate Ultrasonic Toothbrushes

An ultrasonic toothbrush cleanses the teeth and gums using vibration. This vibration helps destroy bacteria and plaque down to a depth of around 5mm which also helps to ward off gingivitis. The vibrations are gentle and therefore do not cause the gums to bleed when brushing. When looking to purchase

How to Size Your Finger at Home

There's no use in having nice jewelry if it does not fit correctly. Before purchasing a ring, you should know your finger size. A correctly sized ring will not slide easily over your knuckle and should not cause discomfort from being too tight. You can check your ring size at home, so the next time

Plus-Size Quick Fixes

Stuck on plus-size fashion tips? Check out these quick plus-size fashion fixes to save you trouble.

Abnehmen 3-phasenprinzip

Abnehmen selbst ist erfahrungsgemäss nicht das wirkliche Problem.Die Fragen sind: •Wie werden Sie Ihr Wunschgewicht beibehalten?•Wie stellen Sie Ihre Ernährung langfristig um?•Wie bekommen Sie tatsächlich neue Essgewohnheiten für’s Leben?Als

How to Make Head Bandanas

Around your neck or on top of your hair, a head bandana is the perfect way to effortlessly add a splash of color and panache to your outfit. The bandana is a simple triangular is shape so you can choose a wild and exciting patterned fabric that would be whelming if the fabric was used for something

How to Trim Hair With Electric Cutters

Trimming hair with electric cutters, more commonly known as clippers, is the quickest way to create a close, even and clean-looking men's haircut. You can choose to use the clippers on the sides and back only for a more traditional cut, or use the clippers throughout the entire cut, creating what is

What Kind of Material Is Modal?

Modal is essentially a modified rayon fiber. The synthetic textile was developed in the 1930s for industrial uses such as tires, hoses and conveyer belts, but has since been produced to be used in fashion. It is made from beech trees and is 50 percent more hygroscopic, or more water absorbent, than

Techniques to Cure Dark Eye Cirles

Almost every woman will have to deal with under-eye circles at least once in her life. They can appear for a variety of reasons, including lack of sleep, poor nutrition, lack of hydration and age. You might find them to be unattractive and hard to get rid of. There are a few measures you can take, h

Vanessa Williams

It's award season already and the stars didn't disappoint at this years 2008 Emmy Awards. Between bright colors, asymmetrical designs and the short styles, we couldn't get enough! Just dazzling!

How to Make Layered Sequined Necklaces

Layered sequin necklaces add glitter and sparkle to your evening outfit and are the perfect accessories to wear with a little black dress. Make a sequin necklace by sewing sequins onto a silver ribbon. You can also create a sequin necklace by gluing sequins onto a piece of material from a T-shirt. Y

What to Do About Your Appearance After Chemotherapy Hair Loss

There are so many decisions a person has to make after they find out they have cancer and will have to undergo chemotherapy. One of the decisions will be what to do about their appearance after chemotherapy hair loss. Many websites say that the most traumatic thing about undergoing cancer treatment

Celtrixa Customer Reviews- How Celtrixa Solution Is Working A Magic

Stretch marks are always on top of the list of things dreaded by women. These marks are a type of lesions that appear on thighs, abdomen, hips, arms, breasts, around the belly button and the back during hormonal changes, weight loss or gain or due to pregnancy.

How to Apply Two-Tone Eye Shadow

There are many looks one you achieve with eye makeup. Using two tone eye shadows allows for a variety of looks, from innocent to seductive and natural to exotic. There are many techniques that you can use with two eye shadows. Wear looks to suit your many moods, from casual to business. With two ton