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Alzheimer's-The President's Disease

When Alzheimer's Disease is mentioned many people think of President Ronald Regan who struggled with the illness privately during the last years of his life. Alzheimer's is thought of as an "old people's disease" but it can strike people of all ages. Early-onset Alzheimer&ap

Rapid Growing Molds Set The Threat

See how mold can negatively effect our health if exposed to mold over a period of time.See how easy mold spreads and reproduces by creating mold spores.Learn which mold sprays can kill mold and keep it from returning.See how mold can grow to avoid having a mold outbreak at the home.

Kettlebell TX/Exercise

Kettlebells are an awesome training tool for strength, flexibility, and endurance. They are incredibly versatile and the amount of different exercises we can do with them is vast - but which exercises

The History of Auto Racing

Auto racing was developed in the late 19th century, shortly following the invention of gasoline-fueled automobiles. Since the birth of auto racing, many forms of the sport have emerged. From stock car to open wheel, auto racing is an international pastime. In addition to stock cars and open wheel ca

3 Diet Mistakes That Can Ruin 6 Pack Abs

Building a sexy set of 6 pack abs isn't that difficult. The abdominal muscles respond to workouts just like every other muscle group and you just need to be committed to performing ab exercises to ...

Staying Fit While Travelling

If you're about to get away on a long-awaited holiday, staying fit while traveling may be on your mind. You've been working so hard over the last few months with your workout plan that you ...

Achieve Your Fitness Goals With P90x Workout

If you have got tired of fad diets and do not want to spend another penny on workout routines then you need to rethink. P90X Workout can be the solution you are looking for. This segmented training program with nutrition guide and supplement plans is ideal to lose weight and increase your fitness.

Exercise Ball Stomach Exercises

The exercise ball is great for the stomach because you are relying on the natural balance of your body to perform the exercise properly. You can feel this immediately when you perform your first crunch on the ball. In order to be successful in your stomach workout on the exercise ball, start with on

4 Keys To Choosing The Right Gym For You

Joining a gym may seem like a no brainer of a decision if you want to lose weight and increase your fitness. But there are a number of key things that you will need to ...

Trampolines - Marrying Together Fun and Health Benefits

The image of children playing around in those large trampolines is becoming far more common these days. Why not? Most families have decided to buy one for their backyard because it seems to be a fun way to bond with the entire family while keeping yourself physically active at the same time.

Take a Look at the Benefits You Get From Using an Olympic Weight Bench

If you want to workout at a gym so as to be able to gain peak fitness, then consider the benefits of using an Olympic weight bench. Of course, the primary use of such fitness equipment is to help you do bench presses, but if used well, you will soon succeed in developing a stronger chest as well as