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How to Remove a Mole – The 5 Most Unusual Remedies

If you're looking at that unsightly mole and wondering if there is a way to remove it without spending a fortune on expensive medication or having to resort to surgery, then relax there may b

The Top Weight Loss Myths of This Century

There are many widespread weight-loss myths that people live and eat in terms of their health. It is difficult occasionally to part ways the body weight loss myths and reality from what exactly is tru

Importance of Eye Protection While Indoor Tanning

There are many reasons you should wear eye protection in the tanning bed. Though tanning can be a relaxing and therapeutic way to escape the everyday stresses of life, it is very important to follow t

The Benefits of Lumbar Cushions for Your Desk Chair

Is your current desk chair uncomfortable? Do you find that your lower back aches by the end of the day? Can't afford (or the boss won't approve) the purchase of a new ergonomic offic

Receding Hairline Treatment

Receding hairlines can make men feel very frustrated. Scalp hair plays an important role in one's overall look, and a thinning hairline can be a serious blow to one's self esteem. Ma

Amlapitta and Ayurveda

It is common for many of us to face a burning sensation in stomach and chest at times. This is in most cases due to excessive secretion of acidic material in the stomach. This in medical terms referre

Yoga Ancient Spiritual Practices In India

Yoga with its origins in India is an ancient spiritual practice that means enlightenment. This ancient art of meditation and exercise brings mind, body and soul in alignment with the creator with bene

Do Cooking Shows Make You Gain Weight?

It seems like food shows are huge nowadays. You would think this golden age of food shows would make for thousands of new meal ideas. Unfortunately, research is showing that these shows are causing pe

What Dangers to Testosterone Boosters Pose?

If you are a male bodybuilder, and you want to build muscle faster and make your workouts more effective, you might consider taking a testosterone booster. When you take any kind of supplement or boos