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Janet Jackson's Vestibular Migraines: FAQ

Janet Jackson has a "rare form of migraine called vestibular migraine or migraine-associated vertigo," according to a statement released by her publicists.

Is There Relief For Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?

Do not wait for the hours to pass, imagine how fresh you will feel once you get free from the carpal tunnel system pains. Carpal tunnel can happen to anyone. All you need is listen and believe in the step-by-step carpal tunnel system and that this system will make your pain and suffering go away.

Back Pain Compensation - Getting Acquainted With What Is Involved

As you live your life and get older, your body will eventually start to give and you may experience various debilitating symptoms, a process which can be further accelerated if you are performing physical work day in and day out. At some point in their lives, everyone will have to face off against b

Tai Chi Body Mechanics and Alignment

Body alignment refers to how everything is positioned internally. Tai Chi teaches you how to recognize your body's alignment and to achieve the best possible body alignment for whatever activity you are doing at the time both in combat situations and otherwise.

Yoga For Back Pain - 3 Easy to Do Yoga Exercises to Relieve Back Pain

Is your back hurting you? Does it feel stiff, sore and tender to touch? If you sit or stand for lengthy periods, do you cringe and hold your lower back when you change positions? Maybe you experience shooting pains down one side of your legs and hobble when you walk.

Pain Clinics

With the high rate of people who experience chronic pain in the United States, the field of pain management has become increasingly popular. Within the past few years, several new pain management clinics have opened up to the public to help meet this demand.

Women - Are Hormones Triggering Your Migraines?

This articles reports that many more women have migraine headaches than men but that it is impossible to know why this is true. However, as this article points out, there is a strong relationship between menstrual and other hormonal cycles, and migraines.

'No-Cause' Back Pain Really Hurts

People with long-lasting lower back pain often don't know why they hurt. Now it seems they suffer from a nerve problem that turns up the volume on their pain.

Lower Back Pain When Sneezing

If you feel sudden lower back pain when you sneeze, you may find that you have sneezed so hard that you have actually strained or pulled a muscle. Some people go all out when they sneeze, and belt out huge sneezes that seem to rock the whole body. Often this is accompanied by a jolt forward, and som

No More Chronic Migraines

Chronic migraines could be liken to drops of water consistently dripping from your ceiling on to your face. Every few seconds- drip...drip...drip; how irritating.

Stress Could Be Causing Your Upper Back Pain

If you suffer from upper back pain, you might not realize that the cause could actually be stress. We all have stress in our lives, some more than others and many times, this can cause painful side effects such as headaches, shoulder and neck pain. The discomfort can be quite unbearable and cause ev

Foods and Supplements To Prevent Migraine Headaches

A list of foods and supplements to be taken to prevent the occurrences of migraine headaches. Also short description of biofeedback training to divert blood flow to extremities to avoid migraines.