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Sleep Deprivation

Find WebMD's comprehensive coverage of sleep deprivation including medical reference, news, pictures, videos, and more.

How To Deal With Insomnia Without Taking Pills

Insomnia is not a fun condition to have at all. Without sleep you are going to be cranky much of the time. Find out some options that you use for your insomnia without taking sleeping pills.

How To Beat The Sleep Robbers

Anything that gets your adrenaline pumping even hours before you go to bed will contribute to your sleep problems. This article lists five of the most common sleep robbers, some you might not even be aware of.

Will a Stop Snoring Spray Improve Your Slumber Quality?

Every bed partner of someone who snores knows that they suffer as much, if not more, in their slumber quality as the one who snores. Perhaps you have researched a stop snoring spray as one of the remedies to this problem.

Kids Snoring - What Are the Causes & Health Risks?

Snoring in kids might be cute, but it can also indicate serious health problems - now or in the future. Learn the main causes and health risks of kids snoring in this quick, informative article.

Insomnia and Treatments - The Benefits of Herbal Teas

When ordinary sleeping medicine is no longer a realistic solution for dealing with sleeping problems, one may always look for an alternative sleeplessness treatment absolutely free of complications. This is the case of herbal remedies that will be securely used to guarantee a good night's rest.

How To Choose A Sleep Clinic

A sleep clinic is a specialist medical facility that helps to diagnose and treat a range of problems and conditions that relate to sleeping. They are used by patients that suffer from conditions such as apnea - an ailment that affects breathing when asleep-, insomnia, and more. Before you make an ap

Tips to Help You Fall Asleep Faster

The five absolute best tips and techniques to fall asleep more quickly and more easily every night. Say goodbye to restless nights by trying these tricks tonight.

Benefits Of A Good Night Sleep

Besides being tired the next day, there are many other side effects of not getting enough sleep at night.Read on to find out what can happen if you don't get enough sleep each night.

Can Using A Big Pillow Can Improve Your Sleep?

The simple fact is that once you have enjoyed using a big pillow that covers a lot of space in your bed, you will truly wonder what on earth you ever did without one. Big pillows aren't just super comfy. As it so happens, they can even improve your health. There are a few different ways that a

How to Fall Asleep Fast For Kids

Trying to get your children to go to bed can be an ordeal, especially if they are not tired. Just like an adult, everyone needs a sleep routine to condition the mind and body that it is bedtime.

Your Anti Snoring Solution Is In How You Sleep

Did you know that a huge contributing factor in snoring is how we sleep? People who snore and are in search of answers to their sleep disorder, a solution is in addressing how they sleep.

Your Bedding Can Help You Live Better

A study by the National Sleep Foundation shows that the median hours slept during the night is six and a half hours while these same people say they need eight hours to function properly. Their study also shows that people are more likely to enjoy going to bed if their bedroom incorporated the three

How to Stop Snoring

According to statistics almost half the population snore at some time or other and 25% could be classified as regular snorers. If your partner snores this could well affect your own sleep pattern and lead to disharmony. Is there anything you can do about it?