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How to Attach Findings on Sea Glass

Sea glass is naturally polished pieces of discarded glass. When people throw glass bottles and containers into bodies of salt water, the current and the salt naturally smooth and polish the rough edges and surface of the glass. Individuals fortunate enough to live at or near the coast can find sea g

How to Process Gold Ore

Gold can be found in quartz veins and ore throughout gold-bearing regions of the world. Ore is any mineral that contains enough precious metals to make it profitable to extract via mining. Quartz is found underground and usually runs in a horizontal fashion. It can be up to a few feet in thickness a

Granite Facade Ideas

A granite facade is a layer granite that is installed (usually through tiles or paneling) over another surface. Many times a granite face refers to the outside of a building where granite overlays the concrete structure of the building. However, granite facades can also be used for walls and firepla

How to Bend PVC Plastic

Polyvinyl chloride is a thermoplastic with uses ranging from plumbing piping to non-reactive ducting for chemical exhaust systems. Bending PVC is a vital part of fabricating items from the plastic. Using the wrong methods to bend PVC will result in the plastic cracking rather than bending to form a

How to Estimate the Value of a Breyer Horse Model

Breyer model horses come in hundreds of varieties. For each specific mold, dozens of different models can be created. These collector's items can have values that range from a few dollars to thousands of dollars. Take the time to correctly identify and determine the value of your models before you s

What Eats a Squirrel in the Food Chain?

There are several species of squirrel, including the ground, gray and flying squirrels. Many squirrel species live in tree tops and scamper on the ground in pursuit of a potential mate or foraging for nuts and foodstuffs, but there are also species of squirrel such as the Eastern chipmunk (Tamias s

How to Reduce Images Using the Scale Factor for Geometry

The Scale Factor is a geometric term that can be defined as the ratio between two geometric objects with identical aspect ratios. The Scale Factor can also be used as a multiplier when it comes to scaling, which is useful for resizing images on your computer. If it needs to be reduced by a specific

Petrified Wood Activities

Petrified wood is wood that has undergone geological processes which have turned it to stone. The wood is often colorful, retaining the original wood grains and rings. There are deposits of petrified wood found in regions all over the world, ranging from small accumulations of a few small trees to l

Hot Rolling Mill Process

It takes many steps to create steel. The hot rolling process is one of them. This process reheats, rolls and coils the steel.

How to Tell If You Have a Fake Bakugan

Children and collectors have turned Bakugan into a popular toy and collectible. Many of the fake Bakugans that you find are sold online, and it is extremely difficult to get a real one, particularly because they are rarely sold in the United States and are more frequently purchased from country of o

The Differences Between Microscopes and Telescopes

Microscopes and telescopes function similarly by letting people view objects not visible to the naked eye. Aside from this, both instruments utilize convex and concave glasses to magnify the object of interest. Although both devices use similar scientific concepts, they feature several differences.

Volumetric Density vs. Bulk Density

The term "density" generally refers to volumetric density, defined as mass per unit volume. A particular type of material has the same volumetric density regardless of size or shape. Bulk density is more specifically used to measure the density of soils and is unusual because it takes into account t

Information About Gray Squirrels

The "National Audubon Society Field Guide to Mammals" states that the gray squirrel (Sciurus carolinensis) is the only large squirrel species in the northeastern United States. The gray squirrel is active year round, eschewing hibernation in favor of hunting for food, even in the snow. The gray squi

Difference Between DNA & RNA Strands Structure

Deoxyribose nucleic acid (DNA) and ribonucleic acid (RNA) are polymers used by living organisms (and viruses) to encode and express genetic material. Although each monomer is composed of a purine or pyramidine base attached to a sugar and a phosphate group, there are a couple of important difference

How to Build a Toddler Train Table Yourself

A train table is a toy for toddlers to use their imagination. Building a flat surface allows your toddler to create endless arrangements with his train tracks. The measurements in these instructions can be scaled down or enlarged to fit your toddler's play space and height. If the table is not a sur

How to Woodcraft

Too bad all of us would-be woodworkers didn't have handyman dads or moms to teach us. Sadly, many of us have to teach ourselves. You can start with DYI magazines and books and then investigate the woodworking 101 courses at community colleges. You will definitely want a work bench and tools, so hit

How to Tell a Yearling Buck From a Yearling Doe

There are more than 40 species of deer in the world. The most common species found in North America are the whitetail deer, moose and caribou, or reindeer. Deer are commonly hunted in various parts of the world, and male deer in particular are known for their antlers. Deer that are approximately 1 y

How to Get Korean Stationery

Korea, like many Asian countries, produces stationery products. Just like in the U.S., Korean stationery is available in a variety of styles and colors. However, finding Korean stationery outside of Korea can be difficult. Most Korean stationery stores don't offer products online, but there are exce