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How to Remove Items From Between the Drums in a Kenmore Front-Loading Washer

If you own a Kenmore front-loading washing you may experience a problem where the cycle doesn't spin or properly wash the clothes. A simple reason for the unit not spinning can be due to something clogging the drum of the washer. For example, there could be coins left in pockets that made their way

What Electric Heater Is More Efficient - Oil or Ceramic?

Strictly speaking, all electric heaters are 100 percent efficient. Electric heaters pass electric current through a wire that provides resistance. The resistance converts all of the electric energy into heat. If the current passes through without being converted into heat, it causes a short circuit.

How to Operate a Ventless Gas Fireplace Safely

A ventless gas fireplace is a cost-effective and low maintenance room heating option. Many people choose the ventless style because it provides the look of a wood burning fireplace but without the hassle of collecting logs, starting a fire or cleaning up ash debris. It is also the only gas fireplace

The History of Fenton Glass Hobnail Patterns

The Fenton Art Glass Company, founded in 1905, introduced the hobnail pattern in the 1930s. According to the company, the pattern was sold to other companies as in barber and perfume bottles, helping the company through the Depression.

Rayovac Charger Ps23 B Instructions

The Rayovac PS23B is a universal charger that can recharge Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH) and Nickel Cadmium (NiCd) batteries. The charger does not charge alkaline, rechargeable alkaline, zinc carbon or lithium batteries. Charge standard NiMH betteries prior to first use. Standard NiMH betteries will n

Installing a Kirby Vacuum Belt

Occassionally, the belt on the Kirby vacuum cleaner will wear out or break from usage, requiring that a new belt be installed in the vacuum. The vacuum belt can be installed in just a few minutes. The Kirby vacuums feature a detachable front cover that allows for easier access to the belt. You can i

The Importance of Home Appliances For Average Humans

Average humans that simply do not have the time to learn about the kitchen and how to cook things rely a lot on many fancy home appliances. Even though these appliances can be very useful for those people who do not know how to cook they also hurt them in the long run because they do not allow them

Indoor Flame And Services

In 2008 ,the copanhagen design on falconer avenue in copanhagen is one of the first distributers of quality fireplaces in Denmark.The devolpment is such that they are now serving the whole country and in 2011 they launch the web shop with much more facilities for the customers.

How to Process Persimmon Pulp

Persimmons eaten before they are fully ripe are bitter and astringent in taste. Unripe fruit, as the old adage says, will make your mouth pucker. Persimmons are harvested in the fall when their color ranges from yellow-orange to orange-red and are soft to the touch. Persimmons are used to make jams

How to Fix a Clogged Filter Screen on a Maytag Dishwasher

The filter on a Maytag dishwasher is designed to catch food residue and debris, and remove it from the dishwasher without causing the drain or pump to get clogged. The filtration system is an automatic feature during the wash cycle and should work well with little help from the owners. However, if l

Taking the Water Housing Out of a Kenmore Elite Refrigerator

Many models of Kenmore refrigerators have an ice and water dispenser built into the front of the refrigerator door. It is important that the dispenser functions properly, as it allows you to fill a glass with ice without contaminating the entire ice bucket by placing your hand inside. If the dispens

What Kind of Fire Extinguisher Would You Use for a Toaster Oven Fire?

Toaster ovens are common household appliances used for heating up or toasting food. Generally the ovens are used without incident, but they have an electric heating element that can potentially cause a fire. Toaster oven fires can cause thousands of dollars in damage, even if they are confined to a

How to Install a Dimmer Switch on an Outlet

Lighting in a room can have a dramatic effect on mood and the invention of the dimmer switch has made this a possibility for every room in a home. The switch limits or boosts the flow of electricity to a light bulb, resulting in increased or decreased light emitted by it. Installing a dimmer switch

How do I Change the Switch in a Maytag Atlantis Series Washing Machine?

If you're having trouble starting your washer -- and you're sure the unit is plugged in -- the trouble may lie in your lid switch. Washing machines ,including those in the Maytag Atlantic series, are engineered to stop operating when you pull up the lid. If the switch is broken, the machine isn't ge

How to Replace an Outdated Light Fixture

Home buyers moving into a house or homeowners wanting to update outdated light fixtures to make a room look more contemporary and save energy can do so with a few simple tools. Replacing an outdated light fixture doesn't require any prior electrical work and can be done in a matter of minutes. After

How to Transport Upright Freezers Safely

Upright freezers pose a slight challenge when transporting from one location to another. Many manufacturers specifically state that the units aren't to be laid on their backs or sides since this can damage internal components or the cooling grid on the back of the units. As such, transport requires

How to Install a Refrigerator Shelf Bracket

In order to increase the usable storage space in a refrigerator, many refrigerators make use of a shelving system. This allows you to store and organize items in the refrigerator that would otherwise not fit. The shelves found in refrigerators are supported by shelving brackets. These brackets suppo

How to Wall Mount a Flat Panel TV

Wall mounting your flat panel TV creates a nice touch for a living room or home theatre room. There are some challenges a home owner will face in order to do the job right, such as providing a hidden power outlet for the TV and hiding the audio and component cables that need to run back to the cable

How to Remove Inner Wash Plates in a Kenmore Elite Calypso

The Kenmore Calypso uses a wash plate to toss the clothes around in the washer rather than an agitator. According to the manufacturer, this process uses less water and saves money. The wash plate consists of an inner and outer plate. The outer plate spans the entire tub bottom while the inner plate