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How Does It Work: Retractable Outdoor Awnings

Retractable outdoor awnings provide instant shade when needed yet retract out of the way when not in use. Both styles of retractable awnings – lateral arm and side arm – can extend to a variety of projections. These types of awnings use the simple method of winding the fabric body around

Front Step Railing Ideas

The steps in the front of houses can be dangerous, especially when there is snow, ice or rain falling. One of the best ways to protect guests and residents alike is to add a railing to the steps so there is something to hold onto while going up and down the stairs. There are several different option

Fiberglass Fountain Advantages

Whether used indoors or out, fiberglass fountains provide a number of advantages for people who enjoy the sight and sound of moving water. Fiberglass is a durable, lightweight material that uses a mixture of minerals including recycled glass, which are heated until they melt, typically around 2,500

How to Get Rid of Efflorescence on Cinder Blocks

Efflorescence refers to salt-laden moisture dissolving from a surface and leaving the salt behind as a powdery or crystalline residue. Concrete and masonry are vulnerable to efflorescence, due to the flow of moisture through the material. This salt and moisture can come from an external source or it

What Damages a Solar Panel?

Solar panels are an assembly of connecting cells that collect photons or light from the sun to generate electricity. Damage to solar panels is caused by different factors or for different reasons. There are some common causes of solar panel damage and most of these causes damage the cells as well.

How to Apply Waterborne Floor Finish

If you want to protect your wood floor, but do not want to deal with the strong smells that can emanate from standard solvent-based floor finishes, consider purchasing and applying a waterborne floor finish. Waterborne floor finishes are water based, dry quickly, and provide wood floors with the sam

How to Fasten Corner Blocks for Door Trim

Corner blocks used in trim around doors and windows serve two purposes. They give an elegance and classic architectural look to the trimwork, especially if the blocks have an ornate design. Secondly, they make the trim far easier to install because you use all straight cuts without having to deal wi

Mosaic Backsplash Ideas

Create a mosaic backsplash.Jupiterimages/Comstock/Getty ImagesA mosaic backsplash may be put into place to cover up a stained wall or protect a wall from future splashes but functionality doesn't rule out decoration. Take advantage of the artistic style of mosaics, made up of ceramic...

Hardwood Flooring Finishing Techniques

Selecting the right finishing technique for hardwood floors ensures that it suits the style of your home. Hardwood floors add a natural touch to a home when left in their original form. For the do-it-yourself decorator, refinishing or finishing wood floors for the first time offers a variety of opt

How to Design a Grape Stake Fence

Whether training grapes to grow on an arbor or fence, it is important to remember to trim the grapes every year. Grapes are vigorous growers and if allowed to become overgrown, the dense leaves will prevent the sun from reaching areas where fruit would have otherwise formed. A two-wire stake fence i

How to Make a Patio Table

Patio tables are a nice way to be able to hang out in your own yard. However, patio furniture can be very expensive, and is not always made of a good, lasting quality. Making your own patio table is a great alternative to the more expensive furniture options, and can look just as good and even last

How to Calculate Roofing Materials Needed

Calculating the roofing materials needed for your home or business requires an understanding of the geometry and the ability to complete some basic math problems. For basic roof designs, this is a fairly easy task to accomplish. For roofing designs that are more complex, it is a bit more challenging

How Can I Make My Entry Door More Weather-Proof?

Weatherproofing an entrance door can go a long way to keeping the house comfortable, whether it's summer or winter. Most drafts coming from doors occur from poorly fitting doors. Weather stripping, backer rods or draft guards for doors can help reduce the amount of hot or cold air coming into a home

How to Clean a Rubber Gym Floor

Rubber floors or mats are commonly used in gyms or for athletic activities. They are placed under exercise equipment to prevent the equipment from damaging the floor beneath it, or are used to provide a softer flooring surface, commonly used by wrestlers and gymnasts. Routinely clean the floor to re

How to Hide Cabinet Lighting

Undercabinet lighting casts task lighting onto the work surface below. The lights complement the overhead lighting, making it easier to handle specific work tasks by illuminating the area. For a clean look, you want the cabinet lighting hidden from view as you're looking around the kitchen. Light fi

The R-Value of 3/4 Plywood Vs. Fiberglass Insulation

Insulation is an important part of any home or commercial building, as it protects from outside temperatures, as well as noises. However, different kinds of insulation vary in terms of cost, usage and effectiveness. In the case of plywood and fiberglass, the latter is the more effective, as it has t

Differences Between Grade A & Grade B Laminate Flooring

Laminate is a type of flooring that simulates the look of hardwood or, less commonly, stone flooring. It's created in layers, starting with the bottom-most backing layer that prevents moisture intrusion from warping the laminate boards. The next layer is the core layer, usually made of high-density

How to Tie a Roof to a Metal Building

Tying a new roof into another--if both roofs are the same type--means taking off a few rows of old roof and applying new roof tiles over the top, making sure the overlap is laid in such a manner that water cannot get underneath. The new roof tiles must tie in to the new tiles to create a flow in the

About Bunk Beds

Bunk beds are a unique space-saving piece of bedroom furniture that can be designed in many styles. Featured mainly in children's rooms, bunk beds are also used by the military as well as recreational vehicle designers and anyone who is looking to provide more sleeping capacity in a limited space.