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Why Getting Rid of a Tree is Not a Job for Amateurs

Tree extraction is not for the average person to attempt. Any casualty insurance salesman will tell you that a rider is necessary to provide insurance to tree removal specialists. Arborists are highly trained professionals that ...

Magic of the Fountain

In ancient times, waterfalls, springs and water sources in general were believed to hold magical healing powers. Such places were thought to be the homes of the gods. The Greeks tried hard to replicate waterfalls and springs by building floor standing fountains fountains, which they adorned with fig

Leather Stocklots and Leather Scraps

Vegetal-tanned leather is tanned using tannins and other ingredients found in different vegetable matter, such as tree bark prepared in bark mills, wood, leaves, fruits and roots and other similar sources. It is supple and ...

How to Sow Sarracenia Seeds

Sarracenia is a carnivorous plant that lives by trapping and eating insects. Growing the plant from seed is possible but is a slow process that can take up to six years to produce a fully grown plant. Although the process of planting Sarracenia seeds is similar to planting other seeds, Sarracenia mu

How to Seal Stained Pavers

Unlike poured concrete, concrete paving blocks, known as pavers, give patios, walkways and driveways a rustic, cobblestone-like quality. Since pavers are typically available in limited tones, homeowners sometimes treat them with concrete stain to match the exterior design elements of their house, la

Travertine Pavers

Most of us heard about the Travertine Pavers for outdoor applications. But there are many details that may help you to decide or just simply get a solid knowledge.

Artificial Grass is Great for Recreational Areas

As a public park and playground playing surface, artificial grass is a superlative option due to how harmless it is, as well as its low maintenance and high durability. With the continuous foot traffic that a playground has to endure every day, synthetic turf has many benefits that puts it above nat

How to Till a Lawn for Planting Flowers

One of the most important aspects of planting a new flower bed is preparing the soil. This is especially true if you plan to locate the bed in an area of the lawn where grass currently is growing. One way to prepare the area with a garden tiller. A garden tiller not only will loosen the compacted so

How to Eliminate Lawn Moss

Moss growing on the lawn can be caused by a number of different factors. The most common factors are: improper fertilization, overly wet soil, overly compact soil and too much shade. The initial moss growth can be treated with a variety of different chemicals available that will kill moss without hu

Advice For Creating A Tropical Indoor Space

Decorating an interior space in a tropical style can present many challenges. The decor can quickly become overwhelming and can easily overtake other design elements if it is not planned properly. A good tropical design ...

How to Build Deck Joists

Deck joists are the framing of a deck. Just like floor joists, subflooring, studded walls, rafters and decking make up the frame of a house, deck joists are what the finish deck material attaches to. The strength and soundness of any deck is directly related to the strength of the joists. Material s

How to Open a Sprinkler System

Lawn sprinklers can be opened manually by simply adjusting the solenoid inside the manifold assembly. These solenoids control a small plunger that presses on a diaphragm to release water through a valve. These solenoids are usually controlled by an electric timer, but can be operated manually as nee

How do I Rock Veneer a Patio Post?

Rock veneer is rock sliced into thin sheets allowing for installation on walls, foundations or patio posts. Rock veneer, usually referred to as stone veneer, is either natural cut stone or man-made by coloring, pouring and molding thin layers of concrete to look like natural stone. Stone gives a pat

How to Start Hosta Seeds

Hosta seeds are easy to start indoors because they sprout at room temperature. Plan to start your seedlings inside about three weeks before you want to plant them in the garden. To ensure that your seeds survive be sure to use sterile potting soil, so the germs and pathogens in normal garden soil do

Meat Composting

Advocates of green living typically look for ways to go the extra mile to return organic materials to the earth and avoid dumping them into crowded landfills. This philosophy can face a stern test when it comes to composting meat, as the wafting odor of putrefaction can almost instantly draw rats an

Dutch Door Building Instructions

A Dutch door can add a bit of class and comfort to a home. It allows the door to be both open and closed at the same time. Built correctly, a Dutch door is as solid as any other door and yet more versatile than a screen door.

Wooden Garden Gates

Wooden garden gates have a long history, a history that stretches back about as long as we have had gardens, most likely. Wood is a material we have used since the beginning of time, almost. It is readily available, easy to shape and work, and it is renewable, which in today's climate of enviro

Fire Pit Regulations

Fire pits need to follow certain regulations determined by your local government.camping fire image by sumos from Fotolia.comA fire pit can be a below-ground pit, freestanding pit or portable device intended to contain outdoor fires, such as coal grills. The regulations for fire pits are...

Outdoor Patio Decorating Ideas

An outdoor patio is the perfect place to entertain friends or just enjoy being outdoors with your family. To make your patio warm, inviting and enjoyable for many years to come, know the elements that are absolutely necessary for patio decor and function.