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Eliminating the Fruit Fly

As more and more people in the world become hygiene conscious, they have begun adopting a number of ways in which they can start living healthier lives by cleaning up the environment they live in. In one's home, the kitchen is a great place to start the cleanup process as it is one of the most

Tips For Prevention of Rats

The rats and mice are great problems in the houses, offices, godowns and farm lands. Since the rats and mice get their necessities from the houses, they decide to live in the houses and apartments.

7 Tips and Tricks for a Rodent-Proof Home

Seven tips for rodent-proofing your home without chemicals or poisons. Keeping your home free from rats and mice can greatly reduce the transmission of diseases such as the Hantavirus and Lyme disease.

Bed Mite Mattress Protector

A bed mite mattress protector is a must-have for every type of bedding situation. Did you know that your bed could fall prey to a bed mite infestation at any time? Your bed could be overwrought by bed mites completely unawares. And when that happens, best of luck trying to get rid of them. It won&ap

The Stink Bug Smell - Tips and Tricks to Get Rid of It

When you come across stink bugs you will have the chance to understand why they are called "smelly bugs." I am sure that most of us have experienced this unpleasant odor when touching or killing one of those insects.

How Are Mosquito Bites Affected By The Weather?

How does the weather affect mosquito bites? The weather creates how favorable conditions are for breeding which will increase or decrease the population. Find out what weather is favorable and what you can do about it.

Bird Spike - An Effective Tool for the Bird Control

There is an effective tool which is used for bird proofing that is known as Plastic bird spike. Plastic bird spike is more economical than the steel spikes. There are many others products failed in achieving success which can easily get by the bird spike. It is more effective than them. Bird spike i

Termite Control Company Guide

A basic guide to what to look for when contracting a pest control company to implement termite control.

Ways to Remove Mice By Making Use of Mice Poison

If you discover that food products within your house have been completely gnawed and excrement is spread in the kitchen area, it means one specific point. Your place has a presence of mice and therefore the possibility of getting plagued by microorganisms and other illnesses has increased considerab

How To Use Your Senses To Detect Black Mold

Mold is a small yet dangerous living organism, which belongs to the fungi family. Mold can survive on a variety of objects and can often be found growing inside houses. There are different varieties of molds, and some are more harmful than others. Perhaps the most harmful kind of mold is black mold,

Why House Mice Are Worse Than You Think

House mice are the most adaptive pest of any rodent to infesting human environments. They cause untold damage to property and food and cost millions of dollars to homes and businesses.

Pests Are Pests!

It doesn't matter if they are in your garden, or on your houseplants. A pest is a pest, and there are natural ways to rid your life of them. Come see our pest proofers.

The Pest Inspection Details to Consider Before Hiring

The quality of pest inspection expertise varies too much, and the careful customer will try to assess expertise before making a hiring decision. Inspection cost alone is a poor indicator. True experti

Inspecting Your New Home for Termites

Learn how to inspect your new home for termites. Buying a new house can be a happy thing. But buying one with termites can ruin that happiness. With termite infestation, the damage control itself can become a costly affair.

Why Kill Bed Bugs in a Toxic-free Way

Pest control can always be done naturally or in a toxic-free manner. Kill bugs in a harmless or non-toxic way as much as you can. Find better and safer ways to kill bed bugs so you can protect your family from any harm.The absence of toxic in your household can surely give you tons of benefits espec

Removing Squirrels Humanely - Wildlife Removal Techniques

Squirrels are always fun to watch as they dart from trees to the ground. They are such playful and smart animals that we can't get tired watching them all day. They can surprise us with their antics and games that we can spend hours watching them all day long. But it would surprise you more if

Signs and Symptoms of Needing Termite Control

The first step in termite control is knowing the signs and symptoms of an infestation and who to call to get help. No one wants to be the one who tells the horrific stories of pest invasions that we have all heard before.