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How to Wire a Toggle Switch for a Pool Pump

A pool's pump circulates the water through the filtration system, reducing the chances of green water. It is ideal to run the pump 24 hours a day, but it can be shut down at night to conserve electricity. Installing a toggle switch inline with the pump provides a manual way to turn off the power. A

Above Ground Pool Slides - Added Enjoyment and Fun

When we were young and still children we always appreciated anything that we could find to entertain us and provide us with a fun time. Most of us always dreamed of having our own swimming pool complete with a water slide. We are grown up now with children of our own and these very children are havi

Pros & Cons of Commercial Rubber Floors

Rubber flooring has traditionally been used in warehouses, retail stores and other commercial properties. Because of its durability, sound absorption and variety of style options, it is making its way into residential homes. However, there are some downsides to rubber flooring to take into conside

Safety Pool Covers - Why You Need One

Using a pool is all about fun and excitement for the swimmers. However, if the pool is left alone and uncovered, this is a perilous place for the housemates. Research study has it that drowning is the major cause of death in swimming pools. Kids and pets are the main victims of aquatic suffocation.

How to Fix a 603 Intex Pool Pump

Intex outlines a few ways you can fix your 603 pool pump, if you notice leaking, if water starts to flow through the pump slowly or if air becomes trapped in the pump housing or inlet hose. These are common problems that Intex recommends most pool owners can fix on their own. If you experience probl

Saltwater Pool Information

Swimming pools are a great addition to a home, not only adding value to a home's price, but it also allows a home owner to enjoy fun days in the pool during hot summer months and fun pool parties that family and friends can enjoy. Although traditional chlorine pools have been the only option for man

How do I Replace Sundance Spa Jets?

Founded in 1979, Sundance Spas have garnered an international reputation for excellence. Having won more awards and acclaim than any other company in the industry, their spas are sought after for their craftsmanship, aesthetics and performance. However, even the best products need periodical mainte

5 Common Pool Repairs Homeowners Face

For many homeowners, it's a dream to have a pool. Although it can come with a hefty price tag, households feel that it's worth it because of value it could add to the property, the happy memories that come with owning a pool and the ability to relax and seek reprieve from the heat. Of cour

Pond Filter Instructions

If you have a garden pond with fish, keeping the water healthy requires installing a pond filter. These filters are usually easy to install, and can be found at most garden centers. Knowing what kind of filter your pond requires, as well as how it should be maintained, will keep your pond healthy an

Solar Heat For Pools - Having Fun Under the Sun

Solar heat for pools is an excellent option to reduce toxic gas discharge and at the same time saves pool users a lot of money. The current state of the environment and global economy has generated so much interest in alternative options that are efficient, earth-friendly, safe and inexpensive.

How to Correct Too Much Algaecide in a Pool

Algaecide is a necessary component in maintaining a healthy pool, but too much in the water will stain and discolor the inside edges of an in-ground pool or the liner circling the inside of an above-ground pool. Reduce the intensity of the algaecide to minimize its ability to stain or discolor the p

Instructions for Installing a Skimmer System on an Above Ground Pool

A pool skimmer should be installed in the path of circulating water. The device will filter the water, resulting in a cleaner swimming pool. When you replace the skimmer on an older pool, the hole is already cut and you simply fit the new equipment into the same opening. When installing a skimmer sy

How to Glue EPDM Pond Liners

EPDM is short for Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer, a type of rubber that is specially formulated for wet and underwater environments. To glue two EPDM pond liners together, you need a special type of EPDM adhesive that is formulated specifically for creating a tight bond between two pieces of EPDM.

The Top Fragrant Plants for Your Garden

Bring a sweet scent to your garden with these great-smelling plants to grow near pools, patios, and places where you and your guests hang out.

How to Build a Dock in the Middle of a Pond

A dock in the middle of a pond can offer a platform for swimming or sunbathing, or even somewhere to tie up a small boat if the pond is large enough. The floating dock can be anchored in place to give stability, and making it square keeps it stable in the water. The dock can be moved easily for the