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USA Immigration Interesting Facts

U.S. history is a story of immigration. Except for the American Indian population, every American, whether citizen, foreign national or illegal immigrant, is either a descendant of immigrants or an immigrant themselves. The question of immigration has plagued policy makers since the founding of the

Skilled Immigration Routes for Australia

Australian skilled immigration is based on a points system in which one has to score minimum 120 points to become eligible. Australian Skilled immigration leads to permanent residency and later to cit

Do I Need an Immigration Attorney to Be Present For My Green Card Interview?

Will it hurt my chances of leaving the green card interview with my green card if I go there without an immigration attorney? And if I do bring one with me, what exactly can I expect him or her to do during the interview? Can they help me answer any questions at the interview or are they there basic

Marry Your Fiance(e) in America: US K1 Visa

To ensure a strong petition and a high chance of approval, it is advised that you get the assistance of immigration professionals to jump start your US K1 petition.

Georgia Senate approves immigration bill

Immigration attorneys take care of numerous issues regarding U.S. Immigration Law. They will handle the application process for an employment visa or green card, will help their clients with family re

Three Year Bachelor's Degrees - Good For H-1B, But Not For a Green Card?

Until recently, a person with a three year bachelor's degree (obtained after a total of 15 years of schooling) could be evaluated as having the equivalent of a U.S. bachelor's degree if he/she had three years of work experience in a related field, using the 3-for-1 formula. But recent deci

Canada Immigration Regulations

Applicants to immigrate to Canada must meet different eligibility requirements depending upon how they want to immigrate.passport image by yuriyklymenko from Fotolia.comApplicants who want to immigrate to Canada must meet different eligibility requirements depending upon how they choose...

How to Sponsor a Spouse in Canadian Immigration

Canadian citizens and permanent residents enjoy many immigration benefits. One such benefit is the ability to sponsor their non-Canadian family members to immigrate to Canada. Sponsoring a family member involves accepting financial responsibility when they arrive in Canada so that they do not become

General Skilled Migration Category of Australia

The General Skilled Migration program is the best option for those who have the skills required for the skilled occupations in Australia. To apply as a skilled migrant to Australia, applicants have to

The UK Working Holiday Visa - How to Get One

Although you may never have heard of the Tier 5 Youth Mobility Scheme, if you are a young person, you may have known of the Working Holiday Visa. This is the traditional way that young people from New

Five Tips For Your De Facto Visa to Australia Application

The following are five tips to help you in your application for a de facto visa to Australia. These include knowing your relationship, terms of the visa, terms of the relationship, knowing visa requirements and being prepared for review. Once all of these have been properly addressed, your applicati

Australia Industrial Sales Representatives Immigration

Australia Industrial Sales Representatives Immigration process is a foolproof and a reliable system. It has been designed intelligently and delivers effective results. The procedure makes use of exper

Love American Style and the K3 Marriage Visa

The general requirement is to show legal documentation of your marriage that was issued by a government entity and any other documents that demonstrate you have shared responsibilities, hobbies and or

Illegal Immigration In America

A person residing in any country illegally is known as an "illegal immigrant." Some illegals enter the US illegally whereas others, though they enter legally, they overstay the number of days permitted on their visa or infringe the terms of their green card or refugee permit. They move to

Who Checks Immigration Files for Immigration Process?

U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) is the department responsible for issuing visas to the United States. Immigration files for the immigration process are checked at several points as the application moves from start to finish.