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Elderly Deaf Patients' Health Care Experiences

Most medical school curricula and major textbooks characterize deafness as pathologic condition only, which is at odds with the movement to understand the Deaf population as a minority group with a unique language and cultural tradition. Physicians might therefore be unprepared to meet the needs of

The Treatment of Autism With Low-Dose Phenytoin

Could a low dose of phenytoin, a widely used and well tolerated anti-epileptic medication, be effective in modifying the cognitive deficits associated with autism spectrum disorders?

Fat Distribution in Women With HIV Infection

These authors compare fat distribution as assessed by self-report, physical exam, and MRI. Also discussed are interrelationships of fat distribution across peripheral and central body regions.

Management of the Diabetic Foot

Because wound healing and prevention of foot problems are complex, the expertise of many disciplines is necessary.

Pharmacokinetics of Indinavir/Ritonavir

The combination of efavirenz and indinavir given with nucleoside analogues has demonstrated a potent and durable antiretroviral effect in nucleoside-experienced patients.

Anal Melanoma

Anal melanoma is a devastating malignancy easily confused with benign hemorrhoids.