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The Modernization of Medicare Supplement Plans

Medicare has recently passed and will implement the following changes to Medicare supplements June 1, 2010: Plans E, H, I, and J will cease to exist. These plans will not be provided by any insurance ...

It Is Wise to Have Health Insurance

The importance of health insurance covers those unpredictable moments in life. It is the guarantee of being seen when ill and to have that medical treatment on a pay scale based on coverage. Investing in ...

Medicaid Doctors and Medicare Doctors: How to Find Them

If you are on Medicare and/or Medicaid, you are probably finding it difficult to find a doctor who will accept your insurance, whether you are looking for a specialist or a general practitioner. Many doctors ...

What are the Impacts of Health Care Costs on Service Delivery?

Patients are forced to take out loans in order to pay medical concept image by drx from Fotolia.comHealth care cost increases are the result of a number of factors. New treatments, high rates of chronic disease, technology, overuse of medical care and health care system...

Indiana Medicaid Income Guidelines

One in every seven Indiana residents, or about 800,000 individuals, receives Medicaid benefits in Indiana. The state offers multiple programs, and most of the state's Medicaid programs require that applicants meet qualifications. These qualifications include income guidelines identifying the maximum

What Is Emergency Medicaid?

The emergency Medicaid assistance program allows people who do not have health care coverage to receive medical attention for an emergency. The regulations state the medical issues must constitute an emergency situation or are of a life-threatening nature. A physician must issue a report documenting

Rehab Center Ethical Issues

Substance abusers can benefit from treatment at an ethical rehab tapping needle image by david hughes from Fotolia.comThe antics of celebrities keep drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers in the news, but the majority of rehab centers provide important recovery services for...

HMO Vs PPO Benefits

Health insurance, as complicated as it is, gets even more mind-boggling when you throw in the alphabet soup that makes up the different types of plans available. Two of the most popular types of plans on the market are HMOs (health maintenance organizations) and PPOs (preferred provider...

How to Choose a Medicare Health Plan

Medicare is a federally funded health insurance plan for those 65 and older or for those with certain disabilities. Medicare is quite complex and tends to cause a lot of confusion for many who have the insurance. There are three options that you can choose, Original Medicare Part A and B, Medigap or

How to Sign Up for TennCare

TennCare is Tennessee's Medicaid program, providing benefits to 1.2 million residents of the state. Families in need of help can receive food stamps, health care or cash assistance for children. Dental benefits are also provided to children under age 21. If you believe your family may be eligible fo

How to Pick a Medigap Plan

U.S. citizens who are 65 or older, or under 65 with a qualifying disability, are eligible for Medicare. Medicare supplement plans (Medigap plans) are private insurance plans that cover part of the cost sharing of Medicare A and B. You can sign up for a Medigap plan during the insurance enrollment pe

PPO Insurance Basics

Health insurance helps people to pay for medical emergencies.The doctor and the patient image by Vladimir Usatschenko from Fotolia.comPreferred Provider Organizations (PPO) are health insurance plans that manage a network of medical providers in an effort to control the costs for both the...

Mental Health & Medicare

Medicare has offered help for physical health problems for decades, but until recently, psychiatric care did not get the same level of coverage as physical health care did. Now, the importance of mental health is becoming clearer, especially for elders who face changing roles, physical needs, and li

Pros & Cons of Pet Insurance

Health insurance is an important form of protection that ensures that you and your family receive access to medical care at an affordable rate. Pet insurance offers a similar product for the medical needs of pets. Pet owners can opt for an insurance policy that limits their out-of-pocket costs and c

What Is Creditable Coverage?

Creditable coverage is a type of health insurance you had in the past that can be used to avoid late enrollment or other health plan penalties now.

The Best Individual Healthcare Plans

Finding individual health insurance plans can be a daunting task, but with a little research and help from an insurance-brokerage website, you should be able to find something suitable for you and your family. Going to one of the websites listed here is a good start, as these sites help...