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Making Your Money Work Harder

There are hundreds of different credit card options to choose from in the United Kingdom, and indeed across the globe. Standard credit cards come with features and benefits that help with everyday purchases but if ...

How to Clear an Overdrafted Checking Account

Banking customers who overdraft their checking accounts have three options for clearing an overdrafted checking account: paying the fees and any other charges in full, negotiating an overdraft refund or allowing the account to be charged off. The first two options will preserve your ability to bank

Can You Be Disqualified for Employment Based on Your Credit History?

You may be disqualified for employment based on your credit history, a check of which is often included in a potential employer's background investigation of job applicants. Employers are also permitted to investigate your credit history when considering you for a promotion, a raise or a reassignmen

Cheapest gas and electricity in my area?

Finding the cheapest gas and electricity deal is very important as it can save hundreds off your gas and electricity bills every year. The process itself is very easy as millions of consumers who have ...

Advantages and tips of Forex Trading.

There are so many advantages in trading foreign currencies online, first in most businesses, when there are more people involved in the business, there will be so much competition and you will hardly make money, ...

Qualifications for Medicaid in Utah

OverviewJupiterimages/Brand X Pictures/Getty ImagesSpecific Medicaid Programs in Utah include the Prenatal program, the Pregnant Women program, the Post-natal program, the Newborn program, the Newborn Plus program and the Child program. There are also grant programs available for...

How to Check on How My SSD Claim Is Going

If you have a work history and become disabled, you might qualify for Social Security disability (SSD) benefits. The Social Security Administration processes disability claims through state disability determination offices that investigate whether your disability is legitimate. Applications take thr

Help Fixing My Own Credit

Your credit score affects your ability to qualify for loans, insurance, apartment leases and in some cases, employment. Factors such as your payment history, how long you've had credit and your credit balances contribute to your credit rating. Although you can't legally remove accurate negative info

Fast, Easy and Free Ways to Improve Your Credit Score

Your credit score goes up and down based on the ways in which you use credit. Scoring companies such as FICO and the the three main credit bureaus pull data from your credit reports, plug it into their formulas and come up with a three-digit indicator of your credit worthiness. You often can improve

Cheap Grocery Shopping Tips

Many households find it hard to make ends meet and must reduce spending. One common spending category that many people try to reduce on is grocery shopping. With a few simple cheap grocery shopping tips, most households will be able to reduce their grocery bills and see a little bit extra in their m

Four Keys to Retire Rich From Mr. Karpe

Most of us work all life in hope of a comfortable retirement. However, unless planned carefully, retirement can be all your nightmares coming true-your salary, the regular stream of income would dried up while expenses, ...

How to Recharacterize a Traditional IRA to a Roth

A Roth conversion is a restructuring of an existing traditional IRA into a Roth IRA where the IRA owner pays the taxes that were previously deferred on the traditional in order to start earning tax-free growth. There are situations where you may want to recharacterize the conversion, essentially say

How Does Getting Married Affect Social Security Disability?

Getting married is a major life event that potentially affects many areas. Some forms of Social Security benefits are affected by a marriage or divorce, the impact on disability benefits depends on why the benefits were received.

Scholarships for Social Work Students in Texas

Scholarships for social work in Texas are administered exclusively through the departments of social work and sociology at Texas colleges and universities that offer degrees in areas related to social work. Several prominent Texas universities offer departmental scholarships specifically limited to

Where Can I Open a Savings Account Online?

Internet banking has become a powerful contender in the banking industry. Many customers consider the available Internet banking options when seeking to establish a new banking relationship. Several highly rated banks offer savings account options online.

The Maximum Amount of a Gift Without Tax Consequences

According to United States tax codes, federal tax may be imposed on gifts over a certain level. The giver, not the recipient, is liable for these taxes. There are two calculations that determine whether you owe tax on money you have given away: the amount you have gifted within a year, and the total

How to Fill Out a W-4 Form When Your Spouse Is in the Military

If your spouse is in the military, you likely move from state to state. Generally speaking, the state that you live and work in during any given tax year is the state in which you are required to pay taxes. Your Form W-4, which tells your employer how much to withhold from your wages, should reflect

How to Get Money From Old Savings Account When the Bank is Closed

Although rare, when you bank closes down, fails, or gets bought by another bank, your money fortunately doesn't just disappear. The bank will try to notify you about the money so you can claim it. If you don't claim it, any money you had with the bank is transferred to the state in which you were do

What Are Approved Job Search Activities in Washington State for Unemployment?

Unemployment insurance in Washington state is provided through the state's Employment Security Department. It gives temporary weekly payments to those out of a job because of circumstances outside their control, such as a business closure or layoff or being ill-suited for the job. To remain eligible