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Northern Bobwhite

Detailed bird profile of the northern bobwhite: appearance, foods, habitat, behavior and reproduction. Includes tips for attracting northern bobwhites to your backyard.

How to Keep Chickens on a Tropical Island

Descendents of the red jungle fowl, native birds to southeast Asia, chickens are birds of the tropical forest and still exhibit the culture and language of the now-endangered jungle fowl. Domestication and selective breeding have led to the development of dozens of chicken breeds. Some breeds are ra

How to Raise Quails for Release

Quails are typically a wild bird, but in some cases they are available domestically for purchase. In these cases, you may wish to raise quails from hatching until they're old enough be released into the wild. This is helpful in areas that need to bolster the wild quail population.

What Chickens Lay Pink Eggs?

Most consumers are familiar with white and brown chicken eggs sold at farm stands, grocery stores and health food stores alike. Though most breeds of hens produce eggs in these familiar colors, a few special varieties lay eggs with blue, green or pink shells. All four pink-egg laying chicken breeds

How to Breed Parrot Finches

Parrot finches are small birds with red heads or throats originally from an island off the coast of Australia. They are bubbly, active, friendly and are generally great with other birds. They are semi-nocturnal, so they are the last to fall asleep, but they are also the first to wake up in the morni

How to Train a Bird to Talk

Birds, and parrots in particular, are skilled mimics. Certain species of parrots, such as the African grey parrot, are known to possess extensive vocabularies, and can even be trained to respond to voice prompts with a certain sentence or phrase. Teaching a bird to talk can be a time-consuming and e

Diet for Alexandrine Parrots

Alexandrine parrots, named in honor of Alexander the Great, have been prized as pets for more than 2,000 years for their lively, affectionate nature and pleasing green coloration. In their natural habitat---jungles and mangrove flats---they eat a varied diet of seeds, fruits, flowers, nuts and leaf

How Can I Identify Fertile and Nonfertile Peking Duck Eggs?

Not to be confused with the Chinese food dish Peking duck roast, Pekin ducks are creatures named for the same place, Peking (also known as Beijing). Pekin ducks are white and lay lightly colored eggs, which make it easy to distinguish fertile from nonfertile eggs. Through a method called candling, y

What Birds Count on a Life List?

Not every bird you see can be added to a life list, but these guidelines can help you keep a life list that will be accepted by birders and birding organizations.

How to Care for a Bird's Nails

Overgrown nails can be painful for birds and make it difficult for them to stand on their perch. It is important to take care of them and trim the nails on a regular basis. When trimming the nails, you must be careful not to clip the quick, which controls the blood supply. Make sure you read all

Bluebirds of North America

Bluebirds of North America explains the difference in the species that are found in North America and some facts about them and also how to attract them to your yard.


Defines the term "cloaca" as a part of a bird's anatomy, including how the cloaca is necessary for different biological functions and how bird banders use it for sexing birds.

Tips for Hatching Muscovy Duck Eggs

Incubating and hatching Muscovy duck eggs is essentially the same as procedure as that used for hatching chicken eggs. Because duck eggs are larger, however, sitting trays need to be larger to accommodate them. Muscovy duck eggs also take longer than Pekin duck eggs to hatch; approximately 35 days a

How to Find Shorebirds

Tips for how to find shorebirds including where, when and how to locate these birds to add to a life list.

How to Buy Hatching Eggs

For years, farmers have relied on hatching eggs as part of their livelihood. Recently, individuals and families have taken up hatching eggs as a way to begin a small-scale farm or, simply for pleasure. While hatching eggs proves quite fulfilling, often people find it difficult to obtain the eggs to

How to Make Hens Start Laying Eggs

According to the University of Florida, chickens should begin laying eggs between 20 and 25 weeks of age, and slow down after two or three years, although some lay for many years afterward. If a hen within the common laying age range is not laying, there are a number of factors that could be respons

How To Feed Chickens Corn

Feeding a chicken a well-balanced diet will result in a healthy bird which can be utilized for human consumption or egg production. Chickens require a variety of foods to provide ample nutrients and vitamins within their diet. Corn helps to produce energy and physical warmth in the chicken. Often th

How to Stop a Screaming Cockatiel

Cockatiels are wonderful birds, but occasionally they have behavioral problems. One of these problems is screaming. The bird's only objection is to gain attention. You can control the screaming and, in some cases, end it all together.

Protecting Garden Birds From Magpies

When you're trying to attract birds to your garden, it can be unfortunate to discover some pose a predatory threat to more vulnerable species. Magpies are especially dangerous during breeding season, so find out how to deter them here.

Cockatiel Lice

Cockatiels that spend all of their time indoors rarely contract bird lice, but those that spend time outside or live in an outdoor aviary are susceptible to lice. There are products that claim to prevent lice and mites, but veterinarians rarely suggest using them as they could be more dangerous to t