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How to Raise Catfish Indoors

There are many variables to consider with raising catfish in aquariums. There are scavenger catfish that feed only on algae and predatory catfish that will eat anything that they can swallow. Some catfish are small while others are enormous. All catfish will require appropriately sized tanks, proper

12 Weeks to Your Own Coral Aquarium

Salt water tanks are sought after by many aquarium enthusiasts, however they are more tedious to maintain so are not often undertaken. Keeping a saltwater aquarium requires patience, and having live coral in your saltwater tank requires patience and knowledge. Patience, we say because the healthiest

Aquarium And Fish Care? Here's All The Help You Need!

This article guides you in caring for your aquarium and fish. There are about 20,000 odd species of fish and instructions on the care of these would be extremely unwieldy.Hence the basics of tank management are covered here for your help in caring for your fish and aquarium.Furry creatures on land h

Butterfly Koi - A Beauty Or A Beast?

Nishikigoi have many different standards that determine their popularity and their value. While the butterfly carp is beautiful in its own way it is not popular among all breeders and keepers. The typical standards of color, size, coloration and scalation are not the same with the Butterfly Koi.

How to Remove Algae From Freshwater Tanks

Watching fish swim in your fish tank is therapeutic. Watching the colors in your tank, the clean appearance of the water and gentle movement of your fish can be soothing. Though algae growth is a natural part of your fish ecosystem, any positive effects may change if brown red or green algae prolife

Tips on a Successful Cichlid Breeding

Cichlid breeding is generally an easy task as most cichlids will breed quite readily. However, in general, cichlid breeding will become a more productive and enjoyable activity for you if you know how to take care of your cichlids. The better the conditions are in the aquarium where you keep your ci

How to Know if a Koi Fish Is Male or Female

Distinguishing between a male and female koi is not very easy. The fish, known for their brilliant colors and low maintenance, don't show a lot of gender differences until they attain sexual maturity and grow to 10 inches long or larger. This takes about two years. There are several subtle differenc

What Keeps Turning My Fresh Water Fish Tank Green?

Freshwater fish tank water can turn green if too much algae is present. Cleaning fish tanks once the algae has set in can actually cause the algae to return with a vengeance. Light triggers algae growth, so avoid setting your freshwater aquarium in front of a window or in a sunny area. Aquariums exp

How to Set Up and Care For a Fish Tank

The amount and type of care necessary will depend both on the water type, the size of the tank and the number of fish that it holds. As a general rule, after the initial set up, regular maintenance of the tank should be relatively straightforward. In fact, an tank that has been set up correctly shou

How to Set Up a Mini Aqua One Filter Pump

Making sure your fish have a healthy environment to live in is essential to their well-being. Over time, waste products will accumulate in your aquarium, causing decreased water quality that may cause health problems for your fish. Aquarium filters like the mini Aqua One Low Voltage Internal Filte

How to Make Wood in Your Aquarium Sink

For making a beautiful and natural looking aquarium there is nothing that compares to having some real wood as part of the aquascape. One of the problems with using wood in an aquarium is, wood floats in water. With most aquariums the wood will be wanted to be submerged, not floating at the top.

Swim Bladder Disease in Tropical Fish

People frequently think of fish as great first pets due to the relatively low amount of care required to maintain them. However, although fish may be small and less demanding than other pets, their biological processes are far from simple. Tropical fish are complex animals with sensitive little bodi

How to Clean a Fish Tank Filter

Fish tanks require filters in order to keep the water clean and the fish healthy. Various kinds of filters exist, including gravel filters, external filters and biological filters. Each type of filtration system has its own pros and cons. However, each type of filter has the same purpose and the sam

Aquarium Themes Using Fish Tank Decorations

Choosing an aquarium theme and decorating your tank with some of the many fascinating fish tank decorations can be a really fun activity for you and your family. A gorgeous aquarium theme will definitely brighten any room and make a great conversation piece for your guests.

Thinking of the Right Freshwater Fish for Your Brand-New 55 Gallon Fish Tank

If your appetite for aquarium-keeping is whetted with having kept smaller tanks in the past, you might feel that it's time to graduate to the big leagues. For people who are just stepping up to larger tanks, a 55 gallon fish tank happens to be one of those popular sizes. Having a massive tank s

How to Boil Rocks to Disinfect

Experts are divided on the issue of boiling rocks for use in fish aquariums. If you choose to stock your own aquarium without synthetic products from pet stores, you'll need to find rocks and stones from a local pond, park or river. Boiling these found items is one effective way to disinfect them fo

How to Breed Jaguar Cichlids

Jaguar cichlids are large, boldly patterned fish. They can grow to almost 2 feet in length. Jaguar cichlids have a gold body with either black stripes or spots, depending on gender. These fish can be aggressive and territorial, and therefore require a large aquarium. However, as long as the need

How to Reconstitute RO Water for Discus

Discus fish are not difficult to keep, but they do require specific water qualities to thrive. Soft, slightly acidic water with a pH between 5 and 6.5 is one of the most difficult conditions to replicate in the home aquarium, as most tap water tends to have a much higher pH. Reverse osmosis (or RO)

Selecting Marine Or Saltwater Fish

Fish selection is one of the most overlooked aspects of marine fish keeping and yet it is the first step to being able to maintain an amazing marine aquarium. Some fish are very easy to keep in the environment offered in a regular marine aquarium, while other fish will require very specific conditio